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Time To Make Love Not War

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Tentacles of inspiration sprawling from various diverse arenas . . .

Dali artifacts . . . “The Face of War,” as well as his proverbial watch and egg.

“Man In The High Castle.” Hexagram 64.

The F like rabbits phrase.

Alice in Wonderland’s iconic White Rabbit character w/pocket watch.

Jefferson Airplane’s “White Rabbit” hopped into the scene in the Summer of Love.

The “Make Love, Not War” anti-war slogan is synonymous with the sexual revolution of the American counterculture of the 60’s.

Of course, the Lava Lamp Tree is known as a mystical and divine force of nature, and also an iconic symbol of the marriage between the Mod Subculture and the Hippie Generation.

Oh, BTW, an Easter egg hides inside . . .  an infamous Dali artifact . . . can you find it?

This piece celebrates ACEO XR’s 12th anniversary. The genesis of the XR art movement, a small but growing movement sparked by the founder of ACEO.………

After weeks of dealing with coding and category bugs, it all breaks down to a fresh upload of this deviation. Keeping our fingers crossed that it holds its category.

Stock Credits:

Heads 2:iconlilalria:       Older Model Stock Knees:icononesmallsquare:       Technicolor Slide:iconmidnightstouchstock:    Blood Drop 3 by TheStockWarehouse:iconthestockwarehouse:       Red Gushing Water Lava 01 :iconfantasystock:         Space with Spaceships - stock package:iconwesley-souza:      

Desert:iconschiller1971:        Desert - 4:iconmjranum-stock:        lava lamp by SkymoneStock:iconskymonestock:        Halos PNG Stock:iconroy3d:        Stormcrow - 4:iconmjranum-stock:        Graven helmet:iconseiden-stocks:        Gold jewelry 19:iconfiendcutestock:        EgyptianNecklace:iconlokilanie:

Dragon Wings 01:iconthy-darkest-hour:        Wings on Fire - Black 02:iconthy-darkest-hour:        Steamed Eggs:iconlucieg-stock:        Stock: Asia Nude Floor Silhouette - 28 Images :iconstockphotosource:        Lightning Pack:iconuntodarkness-stock:        Hearts 02:iconblack-b-o-x:

Misc Effects 004:iconpixelchemist-stock:        melted clock:iconitsallstock:        Mechanical Wings:iconsaphica8:        Lindsay standing stock 02:iconrembrandt2007:        Frank 3:iconmisssouls-stock:        Frank 4:iconmisssouls-stock:        16 Blondes-STOCK-PNG:iconholly6669666:

Nude stock - Spritely Duffy:iconrembrandt2007:        Marilyn dancing stock 01:iconrembrandt2007:        Becky dancing stock 03:iconrembrandt2007:        Icarus Falling:iconlibertinem:        Female Flying/Falling/Jumping off PNG Model Stock:iconbeccab-323-stock:

STOCK 3D Nude male:iconmaureenolder:        Attack - Stock Pack:iconchertograd-stock:

Rights Stamp by surreal1st1cp1llow 
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