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Thor Returns To Where He Left His Heart

This is just a teeny glimpse into everyday life in Asgard.

Offered this entry to christen the maiden voyage of THE3's Ship Of Adventure, powered by 3 magic seers themselves 

. . . and so is illustrated by THE3 Seer Sisters Of The Wind powering the Magic XR Ship Of Adventure.

Required stocks:

Beautiful Asgard Sky: CD-STOCK
All Seeing Goddess Eye Mast: YBsilon-Stock
Bifröst Tower Gate Observatory: EveLivesey

Other wonderful otherworldly stocks:

Magic Asgard Ship: Morrigan-LE, PridesCrossing
THE3 Seer Sisters Of The Wind: dazzle-stock, dazzle-stock, dazzle-stock
Bifröst Tower Gate Observatory & Rainbow Portal: Tigers-stock, sleeprobber, davidbrinnen, TheSunDothMoved, PaulineMoss, Fune-Stock
Fierce Thor (& Hammer): Nolamom3507, Swordexpert-Stock, HJR-Designs, oldhippieart, RENDEROSITY, CD-STOCK, FrankandCaryStock, eart3d, FairieGoodMother, Lormet-Images, Wolkenfels-Stock, PaintedOnMySoul, PocketMafia, Sheona-Stock

Footnote: Extremely thrilled to have taken this challenge, having Viking blood (Norse) as well as Germanic. Couldn't resist creating a blue-eyed blond Thor, since I'm a blue-eyed blond Thora LOL  ~T (of M & T)

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PsdDude's avatar
Interesting style, I like it :)
sleeprobber's avatar
Nice Job! Thank you for using the dripping blood stock ;') Thanks for the credit too! ;')
surreal1st1cp1llow's avatar
Thx! You've got the best drips on DA! Thor 
Black-B-o-x's avatar
surreal1st1cp1llow's avatar
Excellent is what we were going for! Thx! Thor 
FrankAndCarySTOCK's avatar
Beautiful work!, thanks for using our stock!:)
surreal1st1cp1llow's avatar
Thx! What would Thor be without a flying helmet! Just another Viking God with a magical hammer! Thor 
YBsilon-Stock's avatar
:thumbsup: The colours are so beautful and it´s yours. :D Great work. Thanks for your entry and good luck :heart:
surreal1st1cp1llow's avatar
Thx for your beautiful comment, and for a great challenge! Thor 
Lormet-Images's avatar
Very nice work!

Thanks for using my breastplate stock in your artwork. Good luck in the contest. :)
surreal1st1cp1llow's avatar
Your stock is abs-licious! Thor thx you! Thor 
mockingbirdontree's avatar
Absolutely stunning!
surreal1st1cp1llow's avatar
Thx! Stunning is what we were going for, absolutely! Thor 
EveLivesey's avatar
Love it! Wonderful concept and colours! Thank you so much for entering our competition :heart:
surreal1st1cp1llow's avatar
Thx for your lovely comment, and for "seeing" the concept! Thor 
CD-STOCK's avatar
Fantastic work!
Thanks for participating in our contest.
surreal1st1cp1llow's avatar
Fantastic is what we were going for! BTW, fantastic contest! Thor 
PridesCrossing's avatar
:iconwowplz: WOW! That is AWESOME! 😊 Thank you for using my stock photo!! :clap:
surreal1st1cp1llow's avatar
Thx for your awesome stock! We'll be "seeing" you again! Thor 
oldhippieart's avatar
Wow.  Good job!
surreal1st1cp1llow's avatar
Your stock is hairy-licious! Thor thx you! Thor 
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