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Ripper Paints The Town Red One Last Time



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Legend has it, on a certain Christmas Eve, Jack The Ripper painted the town red one last time. Alas, the Time Masters were hot on his heals.

Holmes and Watson were cleverly staking out the premises from inside Madam Q's Sugar and Spice Emporium (affectionately known as Sweetcakes!).

Outside, in the cold of night, a shot is fired from a Gabriel Trumpet Blaster, by the elusive and true mastermind behind Sherlock Holmes, his better half, the virtually unknown Mrs. Holmes (known by the underground as "Cat's Eye", for obvious reasons), thus releasing an ever expanding Time Egg, for the capture of Jack The Ripper, imprisoning him in an infinite time paradox, in which there is no escape.

Footnote: They say when the Gabriel Trumpet Blaster is fired, it is silent, only the intended target hears Gabriel's Horn (oh, unless you're a Victorian Christmas mouse . . . they have really good ears!)

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So colorfull!

I'm glad my photo inspired you ^^