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North Pole 2050: Christmas Tree Island


Submission for our group :iconthe-imaginarium: 5 Stories Photomanipulation Competition

5 Stories Photomanipulation Competition - CLOSEDCLOSED
the winners will be chosen for the creativity, must have followed all the details required by the history we had many beautiful entries (technically), but not followed the orientations of the stories, then the main criterion is not the technique in photoshop. but if correctly followed the stories.
the winners will be announced on Sunday or Monday.
 Event of The-Imaginarium
What you have to do?
This new contest you will have 5 themes, 5 stories that you have to interpret in the form of manipulation.
choose the story below and follow the concept, character, story, theme required,
Theme 1 suggested by PaperDreamerArt  
Story :The Tree House.

Actually this idea is taken from the movie, "Life of Pi"
Gender of the character:

Any gender, but this would mostly be for the scenery.


Global warming sucks… 

Santa says, "Every M*ther F#%ker for themselves!!!"

The year is 2050. Attacked by global warming, the North Pole has been reduced to a diminutive floating magic island. 

As night falls, monstrous creatures crawl out from beneath the snow and fly around the skies, searching for something yummy to sink their teeth into!

Footnote: Please take note of the heroic efforts of the last adult polar bear, François the Fearless!

Background stock: somadjinn,PaulineMoss,pjenz

Island: salt-stock,PaulineMoss,Cimarron29,Hermit-stock,psychicdrone-stock,zememz,zememz,VelmaGiggleWink,Creepy-Stock,MariaSemelevich,Windthin,Renstock,simfonic,PaulineMoss,slavetofashion69

Tree houses: oldhippieart,Viscious-Speed,midnightstouchSTOCK,Viscious-Speed,demarkies,Hermit-stock,iskarlata,FrankAndCarySTOCK

Island inhabitants and their stuff: Shoofly-Stock,oldhippieart,shimmerstock,Viscious-Speed,RachgracehStock,WDWParksGal-Stock,zememz,redheadstock,wolverine041269,wolverine041269,Lill-stock,redheadstock,Lucy-Eth-Stock,frozenstocks,Ecathe,YBsilon-Stock,Wicasa-stock,sd-stock,Codetski101,Eyespiral-stock,Eyespiral-stock,SuicideOmen,Renderosity,Falln-Stock,EveLivesey,FantasyStock,Waldechse,Codetski101,wintersmagicstock,Della-Stock,Digimaree,Digimaree,JSSanDA,JSSanDA,Lamapoint,whet,Love2B

Rights Stamp by surreal1st1cp1llow 

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Digimaree's avatar
Very psychedelic! The penguins look at home here. Thanks for using my stock.
surreal1st1cp1llow's avatar
Psychedelic is what we were going for!

You have some very cool penguins! Thx for letting them rock out! Dancin' Penguin Dancin' Penguin 
oldhippieart's avatar
Wow!  Great piece of artwork!
Ecathe's avatar
Amazing work!
Thanks so much for have use my stock! 
surreal1st1cp1llow's avatar
Thx! …and thx for the amazing stock!
redheadstock's avatar
Hah, what fun! Blinding, but fun and so cute! :)
surreal1st1cp1llow's avatar
Of course, blinding is always the goal. Fun & cute too? …aw, thx so much!
Waldechse's avatar
hey that's cool! There are some really cool ideas realized - like the dancing penguins, laser-eyed polar bears and all those dragons.
Those admittedly creepy tentacles under the iceberg holding the christmas tree ... is it possible they are a reference to NIdhöggr? Either way, I am glad you could turn some of my stock into this awesome picture.
Keep going
surreal1st1cp1llow's avatar
Absolutely! You have a great eye! Thx!
surreal1st1cp1llow's avatar
Rad is always the goal! Thx so much!
WDWParksGal-Stock's avatar
AWESOME and adorable :aww: ~ thank you for using my stock! I've invited this into Fantasy-Stock-Group in the featured folder, which is reserved for deviations using the stock in the group's gallery :excited:

Awesome 3 by LA-StockEmotes  
surreal1st1cp1llow's avatar
Your stock is adorable! Thx for the awesome comment & the feature!
ED-Creations's avatar
Awesome colorful and creative work!! :wow:
surreal1st1cp1llow's avatar
Thx for the compliment! You do some incredibly amazing work!
FrankAndCarySTOCK's avatar
Very beautiful work, thanks for using our stock!:)
surreal1st1cp1llow's avatar
Thx for your beautiful comment and cool stock!
RachgracehStock's avatar
On my goodness, this is so cool! There's so much going on and so many colors!Heart Heart Heart 
surreal1st1cp1llow's avatar
We were hoping you'd say that! Thx so much!
EveLivesey's avatar
Totally awesome - love the bright colours and the fantastic inhabitants!
surreal1st1cp1llow's avatar
Thx Eve, for your totally awesome comment!
oldhippieart's avatar
I love this.  Great work!
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