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Invasion From Within


"Invasion From Within"

No need to panic. They are already here. They always have been.

The real mystery is… 

How and Why did the robot buddha head fall from the sky?

Why are the gold navigation sentinels studying the Constellation Orion?

What makes the water siren so curious? Has she never seen a portal before? After all, she has her own.

Does anybody have any idea what the names of those three Japanese Lantern Jellyfish babes are?

What do those symbols on the rock mean? Has anybody found the XR yet?

…and what exactly is the flower power energy generator powering?


Submission for the fabulous Sunken Mysteries Contest

Sunken mysteries - new contest! (closed)Hey guys!
Occie Dance I think it's time for a new contest ! Occie Dance
The theme is:
 Gem Sapphire SUNKEN MYSTERIES Gem Sapphire 
To date, we have explored less than five percent of the ocean.
95% have never been seen by a human being.
So, what is down there, in the deep ocean? What mysteries could we find?
Mermaid cities, shipwrecks full of treasures, ruins of ancient kingdoms, unknown creatures ?
Dark secrets that may never be revealed ?
Let your imagination run wild !

The rules
Blue Square Bullet your entry must be a photomanipulation
Blue Square Bullet your entry must be created exclusively for this contest
Blue Square Bullet all used stocks must be from legitimate resources



Rights Stamp by surreal1st1cp1llow 

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35PeTer's avatar
Very nice work !!
35PeTer's avatar
You are welcome :)
Funkdude's avatar
I like the composition, nice use of my alien material too!
surreal1st1cp1llow's avatar

Thx! What would the bottom of the sea be like, if not wonderfully bizarre!

Wesley-Souza's avatar
surreal1st1cp1llow's avatar

Thx for your kind words! :happybounce: 

Twins72's avatar
woow really great work :heart:
surreal1st1cp1llow's avatar

Thx for making the invasion possible! Your aliens ROCK! :abduction:

Twins72's avatar
most welcome :heart:
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