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Body Snatchers

"In space no one can hear you scream!"

Oh um wait a second, that's a totally different story!

It may or may not be a coincidence that this story may resemble a certain infamous sci-fi horror film (or two). You decide.

This is "Body Snatchers, Pod People - Upgrade 3.0"

Who's next? Just remember to NEVER fall asleep!


Submission for the creepy cool contest Creepy Dark Forest

Welcome to our annual "CREEPY CREATIONS CONTEST"

This contest starts July 25th and ends August 8th

This is a contest for the members of
You must be a member to join in
You must list all stock used and credit the provider
You must use da stock and use direct links to the stock used
In the artists comments add the groups icon and a link to the contest
Submit to the contest folder when finished
Artwork must be new as of July 25th
All mediums welcome
There is no required stock, you have free range with this project.
The members will judge the winners.
We are going to create a scene , behind the trees, in the fog, and so on. Make it as scary as you can.
Winner will receive 50 points
A blog feature of the winning piece and 3 from your gallery
A Llama
If you can support this contest comment below.
presented by the creepy cool group :iconda-morgue:



Rights Stamp by surreal1st1cp1llow 
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surreal1st1cp1llow's avatar
Good is always good to hear! Thx! Alien 
BrietOlga's avatar
You're most welcome! :wave:
gregnan's avatar
This is great!
surreal1st1cp1llow's avatar
Great is always great to hear! Thx! Alien 
gregnan's avatar
You're welcome!
ED-Creations's avatar
Awesome job, really like the alien, looking at you, like he/she/it noticed you!! 
surreal1st1cp1llow's avatar
Well, thx so much! He's larger than life in full view! :alien: 
phraught's avatar
Definitely creepy and cool.   Nicely done.
surreal1st1cp1llow's avatar
Thx for the creepy and cool and nicely done compliment! BTW, your work is truly out of this world!  :ufo: 
phraught's avatar
You're welcome, and thanks!!
OnlyTheGhosts's avatar
This reminds of me of a recently announced upcoming movie;…
surreal1st1cp1llow's avatar
surreal1st1cp1llow's avatar
kool is always kool! thx! :Oooooo: - NaNoEmo 
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