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Abducted Fairy Tales - Cinderella Edition


The truth behind fairy tales is not always what is presented to us in storyland, especially when it involves the midnight hour and pretty maidens.

From the intel we have gathered, yes it's true the carriage was transformed from a pumpkin, but it is also true the pumpkin was really a UFO.

We further ascertained this bit of information; after the dematerialization of the carriage, word is, Cindy was in desperate need of a ride home, and began hitchhiking along The Enchanted Highway (also known as "The Long and Winding Road"). 

She soon found out just who the Prince really was, and although he had found her slipper, word is, unfortunately for Cindy, as the tale is told, there wasn't enough room for her and the slipper in his spiffy personal flying machine.

…and so it was, a long limp home!

But of course, this is just one version of many, and although we'd like to share other versions, due to the sensitivity of security issues, and general nature of the subject matter, we are not privileged to share further intel on this particular fairy tale… however we are reminded of the very same prince having been involved in an affair with… well, perhaps that should be for another time!

Submission for our group :iconthe-imaginarium: Short Challenge #9 Contest

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I rarely like fairy tale art. 
But this one is amazing :D 
Welcome to the group! 
:iconunusual-manips:  ^_^ 
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I like this futuristic spin on a classic fairy tale.  Somebody should make a Hollywood movie like this.  The clock strikes Midnight, Cinderella takes off, the Prince finds the lost slipper, we see the Prince is really an alien, and the Prince chases Cinderella in his UFO, and takes her away just like this.  It would be a great surprise ending.
barbarajgarrett's avatar
Love it!! She could call Uber?!
surreal1st1cp1llow's avatar
Barb, this is a Fairy Tale, not Get Smart! What she gonna call with, her other slipper? lol 'E.T' - Jark by clairebearer
seakliff's avatar
Awesome!! I could see this as a poster in NM Roswell lol
surreal1st1cp1llow's avatar
Extremely awesome comment! Picturing it now . . . UFO in the Desert. by aaron-shadows
libramoon's avatar
Visionary Work of the Week 6/25/16
surreal1st1cp1llow's avatar
Thx eversomuch!   EyeTopia 
libramoon's avatar
Tasastock's avatar
nice work

thanks for using my stock :hug:
surreal1st1cp1llow's avatar
Thx! You really know how to dress up an alien! :ufo: 
YBsilon-Stock's avatar
That´s a really cool work, bring´s a big smile this morning on my face :thumbsup:
surreal1st1cp1llow's avatar
Bringing a big smile in the morning to your face, hey, doesn't get any better than that! Thx!

BTW, what a handsome lil' alien your alien turned out to be! Definitely a real prince!
Charlene-Art's avatar
This is a really neat fantastic piece! Well done!
surreal1st1cp1llow's avatar
Thx! Neat & fantastic is always the goal, nice to know we made it happen on this one!
Charlene-Art's avatar
Roy3D's avatar
What a great fantasy image.  Nod 
surreal1st1cp1llow's avatar
Thx! You do some great fantasy images too! hubba-hubba lol!

Mature Content

Are You Going My Way?...... by Roys-Art
La-Catalina's avatar
No more peyōtl ХDDD
surreal1st1cp1llow's avatar
LOL! Just a ton of coffee, a handful of supplements & a dose of wild imagination!
Julianez's avatar
Wonderful work! :)
surreal1st1cp1llow's avatar
Thx, you do some wonderful work too!
Julianez's avatar
You're welcome! :)  
amam2217's avatar
Well that is certainly interesting! Pretty cool!
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