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Here's a 24 hours link to join my Discord community:

Please read the rules when joining and don't request art!
My latest premium animation A New Skin is now for sale on… for 7.95$!

A New Skin TG Animation (RELEASE - BUY NOW) by surody
A Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone. I hope you have great holidays and transition well into 2019.
Prepare yourself for multiple comics and animations in 2019. Loki lol smile 
I added the "A New Skin" animation to the 20$ "get all" package on Patreon. The price stays the same!
Thank you so much for 5000 watchers!
I'm slightly late, but better later than never, right?
I made quite some thoughts about how to celebrate 5000 watchers and I came to the conclusion that I will offer one of the favorite visual comics for free. 
To be specific "The Brothel Witch"!

To download it, go to -> comics -> The Brothel Witch 
and click on the download button. It will re-direct you to dropbox with the file. You can watch it on dropbox or download it, but I recommend downloading it, since the quality on dropbox is ass. :/
Sorry I had to censor this animation, but DAs policies say that erected penises aren't allowed. You still will get a uncensored version on my Patreon or my homepage:
Hi guys!

Here and there are people asking me if I will do more or on what I'm currently working. If you are interested to see my progress or what's in the works, you simply can go to my Trello page: 

Trello (text version) Icon…

where you will find what's in progress, how much it is progressed and what's planned/done.
Alot of stuff is Patreon exclusive or early access. This means when it says done it probably will be on my Patreon already but here on DeviantArt or somewhere else later.
If you don't like purchasing stuff on DeviantArt, here's a great alternative:…

The Ritual (TG sequence/short comic) OUT NOW! by surody
Join my discord using this link:
I wish everyone a happy New Year!
2016 was awesome and I'm sure 2017 will be even greater!

I'm already working on 2 new big projects and I will do a rework of my Patreon and my Homepage really soon.

I wish happy holidays for everyone!

Just as a heads up:
  • The First Bite (Halloween Special) page 5 and 6 are going online on soon.
  • My new visual comic is done and will be purchaseable on soon. I plan a parallel release here.
  • I got a christmas special comic page for my 1$+ patrons on Patreon, I will upload it here the next days. (I have to exchange the last panel because it's too sexual for DA)
  • Further I will do updates to my homepage with progress, plans and all new released pages and projects!
  • I plan to care more about my homepage in the future. I probably will do some changes/reworks to it, stay tuned!

Enjoy the last days of the year.
I'm hyped to work on all the projects which may come next year! ;)

Hi guys,
In case you purchase a comic from me, my dropbox links are temporary deactivated because of too much traffic.
My recent release on Patreon caused it and deactivated every link. I wrote a message to dropbox now to reactivate it, because it's still deactivated after 2 days.

Just send me a picture of your green "Purchased" button and I will send you a alternative link.

Sorry for the troubles!
If you wonder where's new free content lately, take a look here:
Femur recently released the first 4 halloween special comic pages there, which first got released on my Patreon (


I didn't release it here because it's pretty sexual, at least the first page.
You find me here: ;)

Hallway Animation144 by surody
Visual TG comic Afterlife is now 100P cheaper. Instead 800P it's 700P now!
If you like to purchase, click on the picture below:

Visual TG Comic (Afterlife) out now! by surody
Heya guys,
I added commentary and rating option to my homepage.
If you like to give feedback, especially for exclusive uploads there, you can do it now!
Commentary by surody
Commissions 00000 by surody
I will finish my ongoing commission the next couple days and will open 1 slot!

Here's what you can choose

-Single Picture
-Short Sequence
-Short Animation

If you are interested, write me a note with your idea. I will collect them the next couple days and will choose one. If your idea won't be the chosen one I will consider you later on!
I work on commissions as side projects, that's why you should have little bit patience. Especially if you choose a short animation it can take a while because I only have one PC at the moment and this one is running all day for my own projects.

I won't take fetishes like gore, vore, heavily focus on body fluids or something else similar to this!
I'm also not a big fan of bimbos or BDSM but you can try to convince me!
Your commission should mostly fit my own style.

Prices are pretty flexible because of the different complexity of commissions. If I'm interested and you sent me a note with your idea I will discuss it with you.


I reduced "Where's my mind?" from 400P to 300P!!! (permanently 25% reduced)

Reason: It's my oldest visual comic!
No words guys!!!
I'm so happy right now. ;D
I can't do a big watcher special this time, although I probably will do another raffle.
Watchers by surody

Thank you so much!!!
So, there's a trend that artists are streaming on "Picarto".
Would you watch me? Would you like to see me streaming?
>>My internet sucks at the moment<<