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Nova Class MSD by SuricataFX Nova Class MSD :iconsuricatafx:SuricataFX 23 4 USS Defiant MSD by SuricataFX USS Defiant MSD :iconsuricatafx:SuricataFX 23 3 Battlestar Galactica System Display by SuricataFX Battlestar Galactica System Display :iconsuricatafx:SuricataFX 20 2 Star Trek Wallpaper by SuricataFX Star Trek Wallpaper :iconsuricatafx:SuricataFX 36 3 USS Voyager Model by SuricataFX USS Voyager Model :iconsuricatafx:SuricataFX 9 0 BSG Viper MkVII 1/32 model kit by SuricataFX BSG Viper MkVII 1/32 model kit :iconsuricatafx:SuricataFX 7 2 BSG Viper model by SuricataFX BSG Viper model :iconsuricatafx:SuricataFX 8 0 Star Trek Communicator Badge Design by SuricataFX Star Trek Communicator Badge Design :iconsuricatafx:SuricataFX 11 0 Sci-fi fan tattoo by SuricataFX Sci-fi fan tattoo :iconsuricatafx:SuricataFX 3 0 Enterprise D Engineering 'Pool Table' by SuricataFX Enterprise D Engineering 'Pool Table' :iconsuricatafx:SuricataFX 4 0 Enterprise D MSD by SuricataFX Enterprise D MSD :iconsuricatafx:SuricataFX 25 6 Star Trek Online Tricorder Papercraft by SuricataFX Star Trek Online Tricorder Papercraft :iconsuricatafx:SuricataFX 7 1 HMS Westminster 1/350 model by SuricataFX HMS Westminster 1/350 model :iconsuricatafx:SuricataFX 5 6 Battlestar Galactica Model by SuricataFX Battlestar Galactica Model :iconsuricatafx:SuricataFX 2 0 Enterprise E MSD FC by SuricataFX Enterprise E MSD FC :iconsuricatafx:SuricataFX 13 0 Star Trek Enterprise E MSD by SuricataFX Star Trek Enterprise E MSD :iconsuricatafx:SuricataFX 25 2


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Tim Davies
Artist | Professional | Digital Art
Current Residence: Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Employment: Design Lead Europe, Perfect World Entertainment


USS Defiant MSD
Reproduction of the Defiant class starship from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine This was created using set plans to get the correct room sizes and equipment shapes. I tried to get all of the equipment diagrams from the DS9 technical manual to fit into the MSD as well. Everything should be pretty accurate scale wise. To get everything to fit properly, the ship ended up at around 110m.
Battlestar Galactica System Display
A replica of the system display shown in the CNC next to the Dradis from the BSG reboot series. I made a few alterations to show the correct shape of the ship. The background lines on the ship are actually from the damage control board.
Star Trek Wallpaper
I made this image for a blog post but felt like it deserved to be shared at a higher resolution in case people wanted to use it as a wallpaper. It was created by taking screenshots of the ships in-game and them compositing them together onto the background with some minor colour correction. The Wormhole in the background is to emphasize our upcoming expansion dedicated to Deep Space Nine. The colour in the background shifts to denote the ship class, although I tried to do it in such a way that it had similarities to the original motion picture poster.
So, who am I? Well, I was originally born in England and at the age of 4, my parents introduced me to Star Trek, I was immediatly hooked and my parents still regret sitting me infront of the TV on that fateful day! I orignally did all of my artwork freehand, including masses upon masses of ships from Star Trek, Star Wars as well as WWII Naval vessels.

When Pixar first came out with their infamous Lamp animation my friend showed me 3dsmax, we immediately paired up and learnt 3dsmax on the fly, mainly because there was no other way of learning it. I studied AutoCAD at collage, completing the 2 year course in 2 weeks, all those years playing around in 3dsmax really helped! 

When I left collage I joined the Royal Navy, my intent was to work with weapons, however, due to my mechanical Engineering test scores I was transferred to become a Mechanical Engineering Technician. The Engineering knowledge I gained from my time in the Royal Navy helped me immensely when creating vector images, since I pride myself on making diagrams that 'make sense' from an engineering system perspective.

After several years of odd jobs and doing graphics as a hobby, I decided it was time to do my hobby as a job! I went back to university and studied Multimedia Design and received a BA in Concept Development. During my time at university I interned at Tactile Entertainment where I worked on my first game as a system designer. Shortly after completing my education I was headhunted to work at Perfect World Entertainment in Amsterdam (Where I still work today as the Design Lead EU). I work on marketing assets for several computer games, in several languages. I also alongside Cryptic on Star Trek Online, primarily on UI and LCARS environment textures.


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mckinneyc Featured By Owner Nov 19, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Happy birthday!
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Deadpool - Cute Thanks for favoriting my work. I hope you're having a great day Deadpool - Cute

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Thranx Featured By Owner Apr 20, 2018
Man, your re-paints of all those Star Trek ships is super awesome.  1000 times better, way less bland than the originals.  Mine now feel quite dull.  :)
philbob84 Featured By Owner Aug 3, 2014
Im surprised you havent drawn up a type 26 yet!
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Happy birthday mate! :)
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any chance of you finishing the old STO ship charts (the line Drawings?)
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Not sure when I'll have the time to get back to those line drawings, I keep meaning to put the high resolution ones I finished up on my site though. When I do my website revamp I'll look at getting them all put in a section on there.
philbob84 Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2012
I look forward to it. perhapes you can do the spacestaions at well. its the nerd in me dating back from looking at silhouettes of navy ships
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