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image by kimothy

Thanks kim =P

photography = kimothy
model = me
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themythriller12's avatar
Woaw, your beautiful!! :D
koibutsu's avatar
skinny and muscular ! hot $
Crackbrained-FMNF's avatar
you are way toooo sexy
KimmyKuppyKake's avatar
You have a long torso...
I like it. :]
Love the lighting.
SurgicalSteel's avatar
hahaha I do. I'm 6foot2.. So I think It would look odd any other way ;]
KimmyKuppyKake's avatar
You're so tall! :D
I'd have to look up at you by a ton.
I'm only 5foot4..
TwistedSkin's avatar
Omfg this shot is breath taking ^o^
EdenAzrael's avatar
your bod- it's perfect!
SurgicalSteel's avatar
lol I wish it were,, But so sweet of you to say ^___^
lindystar's avatar
I...really like your gallery- vibrant and bold and very eye catching. This is one of my favorites, and I must be pulling this stuff out of my @ss, but I really love how the elastic band says 'bonds'- it looks with the backlighting emphasizing the sinuous curvatures as if you are trying to escape from the 'bonds'. And with the serpentine pose, it reminds me of a snake shedding off old skin to become something new and different. I really love it.
SurgicalSteel's avatar
wow that's really insightful. I love to hear peoples in-depth perceptions of art that others create. Thank yoU!
lindystar's avatar
I was just very struck by it, I love how someone's art can be inspiring to someone else! :icongreatjobplz:
naito-chan's avatar
simply awesome :drool:
nami-heart-note's avatar
*_* you look very great on the photo x3 :heart:
SurgicalSteel's avatar
heheheh thanks miss xx
NoctiLuna's avatar
:drool:! I wish more guys looked like that!
And I envy you for your perfect skin XD It looks really beautiful
SurgicalSteel's avatar
naw thankies awesome XD
Seriously though I do not have perfect skin =D
NoctiLuna's avatar
XD then it looks like it on the photo, at least!
Would you mind if I drew you? I would of course give credit and everything :)
SurgicalSteel's avatar
id be honoured if you drew me,
i think your artwork is absolutely stunning =D

thanks darling xXx
NoctiLuna's avatar
ooh :blush: thanks so much!
I'll note you when I'm done with it, but it'll be some time as I'm buried under upcoming university exams atm *dies* I wish the holiday was already here...
NoctiLuna's avatar
haha oh god I realised that I never actually finished that drawing :blush: I uploaded it anyways D-: [link]
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