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A Story Ch. 2
So, to pick up where we left off... Ah, yes, I was telling everyone about how I won the poetry contest. Which, by the way, got me 10 thousand dollars, which, of course, my parents wouldn't let me spend. I was annoyed but I understood their reasons. Putting the money in a savings account was a great idea... Unfortunately, all that money got stolen. But that's a story for another time.
Now let's fast forward to the next morning, in which the alarm wakes me up and I get grumpily into the shower and bla bla bla... So I bla'ed my way through my morning routine, and went to the bus stop. Now, I should explain a few things about the kids in my neighborhood. They were a. stupid, b. retarded, and c. annoying. I think about 90% of them did drugs, but that's just a guesstimation. There were a few good kids but they weren't exactly the type of people I'd be friends with either. So, you might say I was a complete outsider in this place. At the bus stop, I'd just stand around and wait for the bus. I
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A Story -unofficial title-
"Dinner's ready!" My mother yelled down the stairs. That has been her preferred method of informing me about dinner since I started having music playing on my computer all the time. On this day I was listening to Red Hot Chili Peppers. A few days later I would be listening to something else. I listen to so many different bands, I can not be bothered to list them here.
I went upstairs and helped myself to some yummyful pasta. If the world was on the verge of destruction, and I had to choose between saving the world and eating pasta, I'd probably pick pasta. Then again, I didn't think the world would be anywhere near destruction in my lifetime.
As I chowed down on my awesome food, I heard the front door open.
"Mmmm, is that pasta I smell?" Dad was quite the pasta lover too.
"No, it's a brand new pasta-fragrance device that I invented." I replied, with my mouth full.
Mom, who was sitting next to me, said, "You know you never manage to be funny when you try. When you're funny, it's an acci
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