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Paper Fans by Spiritsighs

Pack contains:
36 Greyscale Paper fan brushes
Original work of ~spiritsighs-stock

Thankyou to Tray for letting me convert her lovely brushes.

More Gimp brushes in my gallery, more spiritsighs conversions coming soon
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But why black and white? Where are those vibrant colours?
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To add the colour:

When you use your brush, paint in black on a new transparent layer.
Then, select all the contents of that layer (should show marching ants around most of your brush image or "stamp")
Then, create a new transparent layer and fill the selection with a gradient or colour of your choice. You can hide the layer with the black stamp or brush on it.

Hope that helped!
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I've added these brushes to our GIMP resource guide
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whenever you are ready :) if you have time, come up with something for our competition! As yet no one other than the admin has entered :P
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I will make proper submissions of my work to your listing when I have the time.
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Awesome! I'm going to give these a shot this morning.
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Hi There! :wave:
You have just earned yourself an O.D.D. :winner:! congrats! :clap:
ODDS (oibyrd's daily deviations) are to honor the sometimes overlooked artists of dA that I personally think deserve some exposure (and ALSO, to show off people who I think are undeniably talented in their own genre of art, regardless of their #'s of fav's or pageviews. I like what I like ). Please click the link below to see your work featured and to view other featured artists. If you prefer not to be a featured artist, just send me a note and I will remove you from the list. Cheers! xoxo Sandi :heart:
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kool I like your preview. :) I've been wanting to change mine because thier so bleh.. boring but it would take forever to remake them all. :giggle:
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It's always my favortie part of a conversion! ;)
I just brushed the bg and used a gradient on the fan.

Glad you like it :D
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