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Floral Brushes

Floral Set
10 greyscale floral .gbr brushes for GIMP

They are about 400x400px and have blended edges.
The preview image is just one brush.

Do not redistribute, this includes unauthorised conversion.
Do not claim as your own work.
Credit me in your deviations and link back here.
Print use is okay, but note me if you wish to use these off-site.

Have fun! And please comment and show me your deviations using these brushes :heart:


Thanks all for your continued kind words and lovely kind words and beautiful work.

You can now use these brushes however you like, they have been around for years now and I'm happy for to leave them for free open use. Go nuts!

Credit is always preferred, but you're free to use them however you like.

Many ask how I created the effect in the preview image:

1. When you use your brush, paint in black on a new transparent layer.
2. Then, select all the contents of that layer (should show marching ants around most of your brush image or "stamp")
3. Then, create a new transparent layer and fill the selection with a gradient or colour of your choice. You can hide the layer with the black stamp or brush on it.

Hope that helped! xx
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May i use on other site to make a part of image for element of site like cover?
Hi! Used this here! Olenna of house Tyrell!
These are really amazing, thank you :)
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I'm making a trading card game and some monsters will have this design on it ... The cards will be for sell though the effects (brush) wont be much noticable due to how heavily edited it'll be... Please come back to me :)
thank you for the brushes & your learned advice.
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Thank you for the brushes. I used it as a background here:…
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cannot wait to use them thank you
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Beautiful brushes!  I used them here in her hat:…
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Can I use these for imvu derivations and if so do I credit you on my product page?
These don't seem to work for me. 
All I get is some low-res pixels that don't resemble anything, not flowers for sure.

I put them in the right place, and they do show up in gimp here, in the brush folder.

iMac El Cap 10.10.2, gimp 2.8.14
I apologize for my hasty reply.
I have explored more deeply how to use the brush tool in Gimp and the brushes are just fine.

After learning that I can re-size the brushes they look a lot better also using the gimp brush too rather than the pencil tool is much better.
Brushes are so cool.
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Used this little beauty here:
Green Eyes by Alexis-Frost
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Hello hello!
I used your brushes here, thank you very much for creating them!…
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Thank you for these awesome brushes! I used them here: :D
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