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Filmstrip Brushes - Grunge

By surfing-ant
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10 greyscale .gbr brushes for your decorating pleasure!

Hint: Use one of these brushes on a layer, and then place pictures on layers below it for a "movie-reel" effect. (The white areas are transparent)

Remember I must be credited where these brushes are used. Link to my user page in your description on DA, or write a text credit with link to it on an off-site page.
Permission for all other use must be requested through the deviant art notes system please.
Respect my work, do not redistribute. Remember to credit me and show me your work!

Happy gimping everyone! :heart:

Check out version one (it's cleaner!)

(I love comments and faves :D)
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Thank you for making this^^
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thank you very much!!! excellente!!
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Hi surfing ant, do you mind if I use one of these brushes in an entrance scene?
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Love Love Love Love
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it was very goog *~*
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When I go to download them, it says "Forbidden"? :?:
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I've used these brushes to make this:


Hope you like it!

PS: I've enjoyed those brushes immensely! Thank you for making them!
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thanks for giving proper credit :heart:
*runs to look*
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Haha, thanks for looking!
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BTW, what's like, the size in between the filmstrip?
Like, I can put a 100X100 pic
under it for a movie reel effect
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im not sure what the sizes are, but you can easily use the transform tool to resize either your image or the brush down a bit :) remember to put the brush on a layer above the photo
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these brushes r great - thanx therefor^^

u asked to show our work - so here u r
i used them for a signature

greetz, jay
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Thank you so much :aww:
xx-Jaynie-xx's avatar
not at all^^ i hope u like the way i used them
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I really like this :clap:
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I love your brushes *downloads*
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You're welcome
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Thanks, it's a great idea and they're really cool!
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thnx !!! i love them!
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Oh my gosh I love these! Can't wait to start playing with them!
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