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Antique Lace Set Two

Here is my second set of Antique Lace brushes for The Gimp.
I have plans for a third set as well, so check back.

If you use these brushes, please comment! And I'd love to see if you use them in your art.
(It'd be really nice if you credited me too!)

Comments, suggestions and faves most welcome.
Have fun!

I give permission to ~BrushMakers to submit and display this work
© 2006 - 2021 surfing-ant
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Thank you so much for sharing these brushes.

they are really great...
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Oh they look lovely!  Can't wait to try them out.  I have used your brushes before and they are truly wonderful. Very clean edges and good sizes.  I really do thank you for being so generous. What a great gift.  Jan
these are fantastic and just what i needed,  god wish i had half your talent.  thank you
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Thank You Kindly :rose:

Edit: They work perfectly
very pretty~~!!
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Hi, I used one of your brushes on the blouse. [link] Just what I was looking for. Thanks.
i can't wait to use these brushes on my work! :)
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I used these brushes here: [link]

Loved them. Elegant and easy to work with. Thanks for submitting them.
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Lovely brushes!
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Used them here! [link]

They were fun to use, even though I'm kind of new to downloading and using brushes ^^;
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Would you wish for me not to use these on a graphic design that will later be on a T-shirt for sale?

Just wondering xD Cause I wanted to use them :3
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That's fine, I usually ask people give some sort of credit or way for people to get back to the original page though.
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A very rare but useful kind of brushes for gimp. Thanks for sharing.^^
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You're welcome :)
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I think I may use your brushes to give my piece a dress. here is the link to my unfinished line art :)

Thank you so much for these brushes. I use them in helping to make clothing in SL. I have added your name to a 'thank you ' note that I include with all clothing that I sell. Thanks again these are truly lovley.
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You're welcome :) Glad you like them!
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