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KotOR: Mindwiped

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You guys want more KotOR well guess what here's more KotOR!!

Malak's attempts to turn Revan against the Jedi didn't exactly go as he had hoped.

As per HK-47's contract stipulates, he has to make an appearance here.

That droid is clearly the most amazing character in anything, ever.

I used no reference but my own memory, but that's okay, because inaccuracy just makes it funnier, right? ...Right?
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Mar-speedsmanStudent Digital Artist
Yeah, I just can't imagine HER as revan, dark Lord of the sith! :XD:
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It's a bit of a stretch, yes. :P
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Malak: Ok, now we shall show the galaxy our NEW plan...the effects of blaster bolts on sentient skulls! *He shoots himself in the head just to keep away from this madness*
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Oh my I've just found your KOTOR arts and you are amazing :D This game is simply a masterpiece and I find less memes and fan arts about it than other bioware products like Dragon Age or Mass Effect so... thank you for made me smile like a retard :) BTW HK-47 was my favourite companion
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Thanks! :D I agree, this game needs more love! And HK-47 is awesome. <3
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ZanarNaryonHobbyist General Artist
But Alek "Squint" Squinquargesimus (yes, that's his immigrant name) was so cool

Also, HK-units are the greates droids in history, though HK-47 ranks highest
I totally wasn't about to cry when HK-55 sacrificed himself
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I'm with malek to be honest
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It does. In-game Revan wasn't a complete and total (woman)manchild, but has she been, that's how Malak should have acted.
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Oh gawd, Too much Dark Side is known to be bad, but I guess this is what too much Light does to you. xD
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Revan's face in the second panel scares me the heck out :fear: and I bet Malak's like :facepalm:
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Yes, that face is the stuff of nightmares. :P
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TRUE THAT!!!! :lmao: plus I love Kotor Origins
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Thank you! Glad you're enjoying it. =)
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Your welcome and I am :D
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morethanmusicHobbyist General Artist
This reminds me. There's a cheat/mod you can get called Dance-Dance-Malak, in which, during the final battle, Malak turns into a Twi'lek dancing girl. And Revan just boogies with him for a minute. Then you walk out like you've fought him.

It was pretty epic.

Idk why, I just love it when things don't go Malak's way, 'cause he gets all huffy, lol :happybounce:
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Oh yeah, I've heard of that mod. xD Sounds hilarious.

Yeah, huffy Malak is amusing. :P
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morethanmusicHobbyist General Artist
Huffy Malak + Brainwashed Revan = BEST.
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1deathgodProfessional Writer
Hahahahahahahahaha! How much I wish that could have been one of the dialogue options!
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It really should have been. :P
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FoxGoddessYokoHobbyist Traditional Artist
LS Revan are you trolling? :icontrollfaceplz:
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It's fun to troll Sith Lords. :P
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Gamer-GrlStudent Digital Artist
omg! AMAZING!!!
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