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two princes page 01... WIP 3

wha...? why is she posting this same page again...? like the title said, this is a work in progress... & i am currently learning to play around with screen tone effects... so just bear with me... ^^;

last time, a lot of people say that the roses were too much of a distraction. & staring at it again for a few hours, yeah, i do agree... firstly, the flowers stood out too much... they are too vibrant that they catch the eye more than the character itself... so i decided to make them lighter... but then, why do they still distract my eyes...? then i thought, maybe it wasn't a good idea to slap in those large blooms smack in the blank space... so i decided to move the pattern, so that it would look like the panels are cut out & pasted on colored pattern paper...

i tried getting rid of the flowers, but i find myself liking them too much... they create something different to the composition...

so, what do you think?

the previous stages : two princes page 01... WIP 02 by sureya
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hey. heeey! really like :omg:
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ohhh i really like the style that you did in here! (but didn't mean that i hate your old style though!)
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the draw is just so cute *Q* the colors you made on it are simple soft and it creat something very special i think it's the best way
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thank you. it's actually a new style that i have just developed this year. it's more whimsical & cartoon-ish than my my usual style. i wanted to try out a monochrome effect for this manga. glad that it worked. ^^
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I agree, the flowers were a bit distracting, but it's looking pretty good now! My eyes instantly move onto her hair because of the colour, but it's nice that you kept bits of the same color around the page - I think it makes the image more whole. Love your style and the super-clean lines, btw!:)
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yeah, it's thanks to the comments & tips that i got from the people here that i was able to finally come to this composition. seem that this style of tones & coloring really work for this style of drawing. ^^

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My pleasure, keep rocking.~ :heart:
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SHe is cute!
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You're very welcome! :)
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thanks. this style is still new to me, but i intend to develop it more. ^^
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Oh! The art style is so cute! I love it! I actually wish I could draw like that! X3
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thank you. i been wanting to draw in this whimsical style for a while to. so glad that i finally developed it, & people like it too.

ganbatte. u can do it. keep practicing... ^^

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this is lovely!
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It's cute and beautiful. Bravo!
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thank you. so glad you like it. ^^
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I love both versions :D
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thanks. this one is less distracting though. ^^
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Idk, it is softer, but none of the colors really pop, you know? I would suggest giving the pinks a bit of shade, or making them a more distinctive shade ^^
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Hmm, yes. A lot better. It's softer and lighter and isn't bright enough to distract the eye but still gives it the cool effect. Great job! By the way, how do you do this kind of thing? Photoshop? 
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