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two princes page 01... WIP 02

another experiment on tones & color... i am taking my time on this comic, while learning at the same time. currently the pink roses are still on a separate layer, just in case i change my mind later. as for the rest of the tones & color, i am pretty much happy with them...

i want this comic to be whimsical & different, with crazy patchwork-like (but still readable) panels, & gothick-y feel to it. 

please let me know what do you think of it. is it too much...? should change anything...?

version 01 : two princes... WIP by sureya

this is official work, so please do not download, copy or alter it in any way. but, if this goes well, this may be my first online comic. ^^

this is drawn with faber castell ecco pigment felt-tip pens 0.1... & artline marker. the clean-up, colors & tones are one in photoshop CS5.
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I agree with the other comments here with the roses in the bottom left being a bit distracting/out of place since they contrast too much with the rest of the picture since they are very bright. The roses on the top do not have the same affect since they take up less space and do not create a focal point. Otherwise, I really like your style! ;)
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yeah, i noticed it too after posting the page here... i have soften out the color,  & i am thinking of shifting those flowers a bit too so that they won't stand out so much.

thank you very much for the comment, & thank you for liking it too. ^^
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aww so adorable (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ
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I like the roses better than the one without. =^-^=
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yeah, me too, but i need to change them a bit. ^^

thank you.
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I wish I could drew this well but I am working really hard on my comic :D
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I really liked it , but the roses in the left i don't know maybe you shouldn't put it 👀
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Looks awesome!! I think that the rose in the bottom left hand corner is a bit distracting for the eye. The top one is fine though. I like the idea though. Maybe try to blend it in to the background by making it I don't know, less bright, duller maybe. It looks good because it matches her hair. It has a good color scheme (not very exciting though haha). Hmm, maybe make the space for the roses smaller too? It just pops out too much in my opinion. The flowers are too bright but I love the idea.  I suppose it looks fine black for those spaces but the flowers make it more special. 
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this looks awesome so far! i like the subtle use of the pink color <3 <3
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