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the strapped bride...

yay... finally i managed to ink this... i decided not to put the mature filter this time... after inking it i don't feel it's that 'dangerous'... right...? ^^;

the sketch... the strapped bride... sketch by sureya

some might find that the huge ribbons seem out of place here... but i like to add some features that seem unsuitable or contrary from the theme of the drawing... it adds a bit of quirkiness to the character... & i like that... ^^

this is open for coloring. you can color this in any way you like, and post it on your account as long as you leave me the proper credits that i deserve. please do not use it to make profits or distribute it anywhere else without my consent. thank you.

lineart is available for download here :  the strapped bride... by sureya

oh... i would like to mention here... please don't color this because u want 2 make me happy... but color it 4 ur own pleasure... because there were cases where some colorists get upset because i don't comment or leave little comment on their colored version... i am sorry but sometimes i don't have much time 2 look at all the colored version & english is my second language... so i'm not that good at leaving really detailed comments...

and i don't set any standard for the coloring... so just color it in ur own way... & have fun...

this is drawn with pilot DR drawing pen (felt-tip) point size 0.1... in about 4 hours...
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Can I recive full res lineart?

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Oh, I love this! Can I please have the full res lineart to colour it?
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thia looks great
love the style, wish I could draw stuff like this
ceciliaparente's avatar
Do you have a full-res version of the lineart? thank you!!
sureya's avatar
kristasketch's avatar
Hey do you have a full-res version of the lineart? thank you!!
sureya's avatar
yes i do. check ur notes. ^^
THEAltimate's avatar
Can i color this??
sureya's avatar
of course u can. note me for the clean line. ^^
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*sigh* your drawing is too epic. Headbang! 
thankyou for creating and thankyou for keeping them up for colouring!! Heart 
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this is really sick!!!! really love it.
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i love the rose tattoos going on !
LineartFreak's avatar
Hi colored it here hope you liked it
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this is so lovely. I would color it but I feel like I will botch it if I do XD.
VanessaFardoe's avatar
Awesome job on all those details
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thank you... glad u like her... ^^
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I thought I would give it a try
The Strapped Bride
sureya's avatar
seen & collected... thank you
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Well i thought u are mainly draw for Lolis and Chibis but i was wrong. hohohoho

Real sexy and pretty lady^^
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ehehe... i can go mature if i want... it's just that a lot of people commission me chibies... ^^;

thank you...
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She reminds me of Lulu from Final Fantasy X (big boobs and those straps...). Very nice!
Maiko-Girl's avatar
Love This one never stops to amaze me,she looks stunning!
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WOW!  I love this LOL So beautiful.
AyaReiko's avatar
That is just gorgeous! I love all your details and the roses..and hnn that lace!:heart:
Gawh I really need to order more art from you. XD
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