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sailormoon... collab with VAC

*went in2 berserk mode....*


:iconvirus-ac74: did the coloring in this... & i can't find words 2 describe juz how amazing this guy's coloring skill is...


my original lineart... [link]

it's a lineart that i came up 4 this online character re-design challenge thingi in this local malaysian art website [link] it's a lil' something we local artist here do 2 challenge ourselves...

& the theme this week is sailormoon re-design... so i came up with this... & then virus saw the lineart & offered 2 do the coloring...

ehem... virus seem 2 claim that this is "simple" coloring... yeah right... :paranoid:

sailormoon is the character created by my number 1 manga idol... naoko takeuchi...
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She looks beautiful!!!  I love her outfit and long flowing pigtails!
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Just when I thought the line-art couldn't get better! :faint:
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ha ha... not done by me though... but thanks... ^^
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I never get tired of looking at this picture. Both the line art and the coloring are AMAZING.
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asdfghjkl; simple?! simple?! it looks so lovely Llama Emoji-23 (Shyness) [V1] 
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This would have to be one of my most favorite Usagi pics of all time :heart:
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In my opinion, this is probably one of your best works, just, the lighting, shading, colouring, everything is so perfect and beautifully done :heart:
I love the design of her fuku, it's really gorgeous, and oh-so elegant, really, really lovely work :heart:
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this is absolutey gorgeous! i just LOVE the colours!
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I really like this one to, u did such an amazing job  with these drawings i could only wish to draw as good as you do.
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This is one of the best sailor moon fanarts I have ever seen I am in love!
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Sailor Moon/Serena at her finest
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thank u... glad u like it... ^^
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This is so beautiful. That is all :3
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haha... thank you...

it's thanx to the VAC's amazing coloring too... ^^
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omg, I love her outfit so damn much *o*

the lineart is amazing, and the coloring is perfect... one of my favourite pictures of sailor moon by far...
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I just can't look away from her *-*
All I can Is WOW
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I absolutely love this!!!!!
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