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okay... it's sailormoon... but with a lil' alterations here & there... her sailor costume's a bit different as u can c...

anyway... it has been colored by :iconvirus-ac:…

EDIT : wow... this drawing is like 4 years old & it's still getting quite a lot of attention... thank u...

okay, this lineart used 2 b closed, but by now i don't mind anymore. u can color it if u want & post it on ur page as long as u give some credits to me & naoko sensei...

sailormoon is a character created by naoko takeuchi...
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here is my color version of her
SM Coloring 2 by MelodiyaMoon
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hello =) I am an amatuer colorist and I decided to give this one a try. Hope that is ok, have credited and linked back to this page. Thank you kindly. :thanks: Sailor Moon
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Yay!! Free Colouring x3 XD
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This is really nice :D
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thanks... ^^
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Wow!!!!!! You're SO VERY TALENTED!! I love how you have this original twist with it and that hair must've took so long to make, you worked really hard and this is amazing!! Please, keep up the AMAZING work!!
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Simply amazing ^^
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Its an amazing drawing I absolutely love it.
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very beautiful :jawdrop:
All i cann say is wow
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i love it!!!!!!!
littlemisscinderella's avatar much intricate detail! Beautiful job!
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ehehehe... i put a lot of love into this...

thank u... ^^
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This is sublime :O
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It's beautiful!! Perfect SailorMoon! :D
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This is so gorgeous and so is the colored lineart! So beautiful!
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you're gonna let us color it now...
after i lost the colored version i already did

ah well... i wanted to color it again anyway
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Oh my Gosh! This is absolutely Gorgeous:heart:! Thank you for featuring this to #sailorsenshi, I haven’t seen this before:clap:! You have awesome skills^^!

Possible Sailor Moon Art Books by Kodansha USA [link] !
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Suggestion: if you don't want anyone to color this remove it from being downloadable (I can download it because you made that available) and put a watermark on it.
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oh... hahaha... i posted this a long time ago... it didn't occur 2 me at the time i guess...

by now i don't mind anymore... maybe i'll edit the comments later & open this 4 coloring...
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