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this is a chibichibi commission for :iconmeagei: it's friend's OC named kurtiana with a pikachu...

i haven't drawn any pokemons in years... when they 1st came out i was already in middle school... but that didn't stop me from liking them... of course pikachu is my fave, other than the cute bulbasour... XD

anyway... about the character... love her design... she does look like a character that could come from the anime... her hair design is fun...

this is open for coloring. you can color this in any way you like, and post it on your account as long as you leave me the proper credits that i deserve. please do not use it to make profits or distribute it anywhere else without my consent. thank you.

the original character :…

the color scheme : Base Coloured Kurtiana and Pikachu by MeaGEI

the sketch : kurtiana... sketch by sureya

this lineart is available for downloads here :   Kurtiana... by sureya

this is drawn with pilot DR drawing pen (felt-tip) point size 0.1 in about 45 minutes...
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Kurtiana... by cheetah1990  COLORED! I love your lanearts <3 <3 <3