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Been quite a while since I've been on DA... even longer since I've really drawn something to completion. I still doodle here and there but it's almost all RP related, so probably not really worth posting;;; Anyways, to anyone who still follows me, thank you for doing so. I hope that someday soon I will be better off in the other areas of my life (mostly health - Mental/Physical) so that I can truly come back to art and start posting more of it! 
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Been a crazy few months since I last wrote a journal. Lots of RP, adventures & art have happened since then. Let's get down to the main bullet points!

Video game talk: I had donated to the Humble Bundle that was going on and started to play Psychonauts for the 8th time. I haven't touched it in a couple of weeks but I fully intend to go back to in shortly. Been playing a little bit of TF2 here and there on the Xbox. Played Cold Stream recently on the Xbox and I love it! I can't wait to play it again with friends. I am excited to play the Mann Vs. Machine mode but because of the high volume of players today I can't play it just yet. Oh well, hopefully tomorrow.

Art Talk: I have been sitting on a pile of drawings for quite some time, so I am buckling down today and editing/ posting  a few. I hope you'll like them.
I can already tell that I've improved since then (ones I'm posting are from June & July). Aside from that I'm still drawing at least every other day, multiple things. I have a few drawings I'm working on, but almost all of them relate to RP.

Life Talk: Had to buckle down at work, too many errors were occurring, but at least now they see my drive and commitment. Still get to mess around but that's when it's really slow, which makes me happy. Haven't been hitting the gym as much lately, there's been a crazy heat wave blowing through here and it makes it hard for me to sleep. Of course then the next day I'm affected so I have no energy and thus don't end up going to the gym. Today I did about an hour of thrusts, tomorrow I will swim. Friday I'll be doing arms and cardio.

My RP partner came from out of town at the end of June and all I can say is that I cannot wait till October. I had such a blast and enjoyed her company so much. I am getting the pieces for my cross play together. Getting annoyed by an Etsy seller b/c it's been 2 weeks since the emblems shipped and I still don't have them. FFFFFFFFFF. I still need to test out stubble/5 o'clock shadow too. Ah well in time.
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So it's been a little while since I wrote a journal entry. Yes, lots of RP and randomness has happened as of late...also lots of art.
More below.

Video game talk:  Pretty much been playing a mix of TF2 and L4D2, more L4D2 than TF2 though. Still working on playing through The Walking Dead, it's the kind of game you gotta be alone to play because you really have to pay attention to the details otherwise you'll screw yourself over. Every time I pop onto the Xbox though I end up playing some random game with a friend.

Art Talk: Finally finished Tea Party Comic and a few other images that have been sitting in my "draw these nao" file. I'm currently working on the pre-emptive image to "Escapee". I really enjoy drawing the strife of the characters, kinda morbid, but oh well. Been super inspired lately, mostly b/c of RP but also just random giggly things that pop into my head.

Life Talk: Work's good. Still losing weight. Having lots of fun. I had a friend come visit from out of state and we had a very crazy weekend and it was .....exhausting at the same time. I would totally do it again though in a heart beat. I'm now looking forward to the end of June when my RP partner comes in from out of town, it will be an awesome adventure! I can't wait. That's about it, in good health and happy.

I hope all of you are doing well. Tataaa
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Video game talk:  So I've been mostly playing TF2 again. I downloaded The Walking Dead (first episode) pretty damn good so far. Will be putting up a review of it before too long. Also finally reviewed I am Alive. I hated that game with a passion. What else, been getting back into G-Mod again. Expect a new batch of G-mods very soon.

Art Talk: Finally finished Belle and the Brat Which I initially drew on 4.20.12 (the Darcy & B!Spah layer) and uploaded it. I hope you guys enjoy it. I am still working on the Tea!Party comic, and will be starting another comic involving Scout. I need to start practicing Sniper & Scout so I can do more RP inspired pics. So many amazing scenes and ideas, not enough time to learn hard to draw characters & draw it all.. grr.

Life Talk: Work has been a little stressful but it's still a great job. I love the folks I work with and I'm continually learning and working hard.  Had a slight falling out with a friend but was able to patch it recently, so I'm thankful for that.  RP has been goin strong, I am dead set on having my partner's babies :iconyumiasuka:
That's about it, I mean I could go into it more but I'm tired and it will quickly become blathering.

Take care my lovelies.
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Video game talk: Been getting back into gaming a little bit. Getting through portions of I Am Alive. It's a painful game (just in the sense that it's not a good game).  Aside from that just been playing L4D with a friend, and jumping in and out of parties, just for lulz.

Art Talk: Still pretty much drawing primarily stuff from RP sessions. Been drawing stuff from our side AU's (The Belle and the Brat, Tea!Party, Teacher's Pet). Which I greatly enjoy because I get to draw hot gay sex or other random awesome scenes. Aside from that just got done uploading  a whole slew of racy G-mods. Still working on the Tea!Party comic and some RP covers. More stuff to be uploaded soon I promise.

Life Talk:  This week I was sick twice. Got food poisoning, went home, came to work next day, still wasn't well enough. But by Friday I felt a lot better. Friday night I got home and was intending to stay up and RP, yeah that happened but not really. Went to bed intending to get up at like 10/11pm, nope didn't wake up till 1:20 am.  Eff, ah well, despite having nightmares it was still a good night because I got to RP.  Went to bed, and then just lazed about today. And now I am here, stoned, trying to make a proper journal post that makes sense. I just ate a million grapes and now I want something sweet and crunchy. Cereal times are GO.

I hope everyone is having a good weekend & enjoying themselves!
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Oh my gosh, time really has been flying. The last update was back on April Fool's day!

Video game talk: I have only played a little bit of TF2 lately. I actually ended up playing more L4D2 though on Friday, oh wellsies. I am still sitting on a review of I am Alive because I hate that game. I have decided it's just...really not worth my time but I need to do it so I will probably finally buckle down sometime this week and do it.

Art Talk: I've been mostly drawing scenes from my RP partner's and my sessions. Which I greatly enjoy because I get to draw hot gay sex or other random awesome scenes. Just recently we made TF2 universe Mary-Sue's of ourselves as our favorite classes, which I just uploaded today. I tried so hard to stick to like not Mary-Sue'ing in  RP but fuck it, YOLO. lol. I think I'm going to do illustrated parts of the RP that we don't have time to RP or that just isn't able to fit into the main story.  Which involves a lot of side stuff with Monty, mostly the abuse that BLU put him through. Most of these images will be uploaded to my Y!Gal, so if any of you are interested send me a message and I'll send you a link to my gallery. SO far I have 2 images (DellXEliot & EliotxMonty) up but they're both pretty good imo. That's about it.

Life Talk:  Work is going well, made a couple mistakes here and there but nothing we couldn't fix. Still it's embarrassing so I really need to buckle down and focus when I'm processing orders. Aside from that I've been working out more. My soldiers are getting stronger. Going to Yoga tomorrow, so hopefully that'll help as well. This weekend I partied but not too excessively so it was pretty good. I RPed a good bit with my partner, which is always amazing. I am pretty sure I'm going to bare her children someday, lol. Life is good. Life is actually quite amazing right now, I wouldn't trade this part of my life for anything. I've never felt so creative and empowered in all my life. I am very fortunate to have this person in my life. <3

I hope you're all doing well. Please give me feed back on my latest pics, let me know if you think they're good or where you feel I can improve. Thank you Thank you!!! <3
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Been a few weeks since I updated, not much to say but here it is nonetheless.

Video game talk: The last week I haven't really spent much time gaming on my 360. I only recently spent time in order to finally review Street Fighter X Tekken (please check out my review at the provided link and let me know what you think!)…
Aside from that I've been only really playing if my friends are on 360 otherwise I just play on Steam. What can I say the fandom is distracting me from the game itself? heheh.

Art Talk: I've been doing a lot of TF2 stuff lately. Setting up little projects and such. I'm still working on that 30 day challenge, a few of them really held me up so I still haven't completed past my most recent updates. I honestly don't know why I am still dating them for the day of. I think I'll be stopping that now, yes. I've been trying really really hard to draw more masculine faces so that I can get better overall. Thankfully there's a plethora of references for bodies, so at least I have that much help. Overall, I'm really happy that I've been so inspired lately by the fandom and from RP.

Life Talk: Not much to talk about here. Still working, so yay for that. I've been mostly focused on RP and art, aside from that. It makes me happy so I'm gonna keep doing it.  Just this weekend I only really went out to go get crossplay items (an electrical cord & a Walther PPK style BB gun). I did end up going to see The Hunger Games and that was nice, but then I came back home and immediately started chatting with my RP partner. What can I say, she's more interesting than most of the people I know irl, heh. I've been trying to work out more, and am still seeing results (slimmer stomach and more defined hips) so that's a plus. That's about it.

Hope everyone out there is doing well. <3
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Video game talk: Haven't been playing TOO many games lately. I've been attempting to will myself to review 2 games (Street Fighter X Tekken & I Am Alive).
But I have been rather distracted as well as unfocused when I get home from work. So I have to do it tomorrow, no ifs and or buts. Aside from that I've only played a little TF2. Since I finally got my hands on a copy of L4D2 again, I played a little of that this weekend.

Yarp, not much to talk about here. On to the next section, shall we? After you, ladies first.

Art Talk: If anyone can tell I'm severely behind in the TF2 30 day challenge. I'm pretty sure I'm going to still be drawing these stupid prompts into April. Honestly though I have other projects that are much more important to me at the moment, so those take precedence at the moment. Aside from that I've been feeling very challenged (whodathunkit) by the challenges and really feel like I'm making progress towards becoming a better artist. The key is lots of references and trying to reason with myself that perspective is key.  Aside from that I'm still feeling VERY creative thanks to my wonderful RP partner. She inspires me every time we RP.

Life Talk: So, yes. Life has been very interesting lately. I have really taken a liking to just staying in and RPing and playing video games. I have gone out a few times during the week and on the weekends and have found that ..."Normal" people...just aren't cutting it for me right now. MY RP friend and my gamer friends sate the retarded/bonkers/goofy need to nerd out. I am lucky to have them in my life. They make life interesting.  Drunken gaming happened this ended in some seriously deep conversation, but it was ...fantastic. Got to go walking with a gf and catch up as well, so it was a nice relaxing weekend. Now I am RPing, so I'm about as happy as a clam.  Job is going well, getting along with my co workers. Getting paid good money. Able to afford things that straddle the line between niceties and needs. It's nice to feel like I have that freedom even if it's slight.

I hope you are all doing well.

Take care my darlings.
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Me: I am not drinking tonight, oh no.

My Friend: I bet not after last night!

Me: yeaaaaaah, lol.

Me: ...I can't believe I was stabbing a pole over and over as a spy
that...that's just...I wish I had video of that. lol.

My Friend: Crouched and stabbing and talking to it

Me: what the fuck was I saying to it?

My Friend : Just that you were gonna cut it. It was silly haha

Me: oh my god, did I acknowledge that it was a pole??

My Friend:  You thought it was a wall

Me: WHAT!?

My Friend: When we asked who you were talking to you said this wall
And when I went back to respawn you were there stabbing the pole

Me: ...oh my god... oh wow... I am..... I am so special when I'm drunk and gaming

Moral of the story: I make an awesome drunk spy, I kill walls and poles like a gangsta.  Also don't drink and game kids, or you'll end up like me.

In other news I was suspended for a day from Xbox Live because I wrote "Fuck yeah Kukris & Balisongs!! Fuck yeah Trucks & Vans!!!" in my profile. Someone obviously took offense to it and reported me so yay, I have to wait till tomorrow to play, hopefully.

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Video game talk:
So today I finally sat down and tallied up all the time I spent playing TF2 on my Xbox 360. It came to about 6 3/4 days between all the classes. The top is Sniper and he stands at 33:58:10, he's less than 3 hours away from being 3 days. I love playing as him, second highest is Engineer (naturally) at 30:24:19. Poor Scout is 3rd place, always the runt of the litter, lol.  I happened upon a sale on the valve site, soon I will be the proud owner of 4 class decals for my car (Engineer, Sniper, Scout & Medic. The top classes I play).  In case you want to see the sale… the link.

My L4D2 disc finally bit the dust, so sad. I'm going to be buying one from some dude of CL on Tuesday for $20.00. GameStop wants to charge like.. $27.00 and it's ANCIENT now, screw that.

Aside from that I've played Assassin's Creed 1 a bit because I still haven't finished it and I really want to play 2.  Ah well, TF2 consumed most of my gaming time nowadays. Totally worth it though.

Art Talk:
I started the TF2 30 day art challenge. I still need to upload yesterday's and today's. I haven't really worked on that Bspy/Rengie/Rsniper pic yet, it's just sitting there in my HD all sad and not loved. I will work on it soon, just need to focus.  

I've been watching a lot of people's tumblr's lately, I must say I have a lot of appreciation and respect for the men and women who draw TF2 smut & fanart. Their work is  amazing and just... good. I wish I could get good enough that I can play in the big leagues with them. I am madly in love with :iconfluro-knife: right now, she posted a Medic#2 pic yesterday with little to no explanation as to why #2 and Pyro were crying and holding each other. It kinda shook me up a little bit. I never thought someone's OC art could do that, but it did. I honestly cared about what happened and tried to find out, but it seems that no one knows. Hopefully she posts something about it soon.

Also!!! My friend :iconshadowwalkerinc: is making me a Space Munny, I'm so excited. She posted pictures at some point during the week and I just about cried. It's so beautiful, her work is amazing. If you haven't checked out her gallery, you should. Seriously, go now, I'll wait.

Ok, now that you've done that, you have seen how right I am, no? On to the rest of my post!

Life Talk:
Ok so last week I posted about being sick, I'm luckily over that illness. No more coughing or any of that, which is great. I also posted about going to my friend's birthday party.
It was a great party, but I ended up getting so trashed I made a mess of my friend's bathroom. I also ended up praying in the shower.  It was cathartic but strange.  So I learned my lesson, no beer whatsoever if I'm going to drink hard alcohol.
This week has been good though, work has been challenging. My nights were insane, I am pretty sure I only got like 3 hours total sleep between 3 nights. RP is just exponentially better than sleep. Hands down, it's more satisfying than being functional.  My partner is just that good.  What else? Hmm Friday this week was very subdued and I ended up passing out hard at around 1 am, sad times. Yesterday (Saturday) was….amazing. I went to a house party and ate lots of good things. Had a great time and was in fantastic company. I ended up drinking of course, but my friend let me spend the night. I love my friends!!!! Today is a sobering day, but I must focus and post things.

I hope you all have had a great week and that this weekend was full of adventure and wonder!
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Video game talk:
Haven't been playing that much TF2 as I've been really sick as of late. Been more into G-mod if anything and playing on TF2 on the PC.
Aside from that been playing Sims Social (which I loathe)...yeah that's about it.

Art Talk:
I sketched out a very base drawing of a three way situation between Blu Spy, Red Engie & Red Sniper. But the back story that revolves around this one picture could easily be turned into a short ficlett or a comic. I might turn it into a short comic just to try my hand at it. I uploaded a couple of new drawings involving Scout & Tentaspy. Also uploaded 4 new gmods involving BSpy, REngie & RSniper. Take a gander and let me know what you think!

Life Talk:
I finally got my car (Zoey) back after 2 1/2 weeks after the initial problems started. The technician did such a piss poor job the first time I had to bring it back for another week and a half to get the  job done correctly.  But!! She is working well and I'm happy that I was able to fenangle rides and expenses being covered. Needless I love my folks and my straight forward nature that finally kicked in and let the dealership know that I wasn't going to take their crap anymore.  In other news, I've been sick the last 3 days (boo)...but I'm slowly recovering. I'm still coughing/wheezing (pokemons whut!!!) but it's not so bad. Aside from that I've been managing and working hard and making the moneys. I am so happy I'm finally able to get my jeans tailored, after a year I can actually afford a nicety like that.
It's a good feeling. I am looking forward to getting my hair cut tomorrow & going to my friends birthday party. Hope you all have a great weekend!

<3 you kittens!
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Video game talk:
Met a few new folks last night on TF2 (360 version) while very very drunk. It was fun and ridiculous. I didn't go to bed till 3:30 am, and got up at 6:20 am for work. Ah TF2...a hell of a drug. In other news, been getting slowly back into playing Red Dead Redemption but just for the multi-player challenges, also to murder my friends in cold blood in game for teh lulz. OH! Ah, so I started reviewing games. Please check out my opinion piece on Soul Calibur V.
Let me know what you think, I hope to improve and do more reviews in the near future.

Art Talk:
So I took about 22 G-mods tonight, only kept 16. I will be posting some of them tonight. They are pairing pics between Red Scout & Red Engineer. I also uploaded a "Webcam" image onto my profile here on DA. I made it with Animation Shop 3 by Jasc Software using stills I took in G-mod. As soon as I posed RedEngineer this way I knew it had to be that way.  I also drew some things lately so I'll probably post those tonight or tomorrow. I hope you'll enjoy them and I hope that you can see that I'm slowly getting better at drawing men, lol.

Life Talk:
SO I started a new job last Monday. It's full time and pays well. It's a little bit far from home, but it's not too bad of a commute. I'm doing customer service, the atmosphere is good. The work is challenging and rewarding but sometimes there's lulls between things to do. Aside from the new job not much has been happening. I went out on a couple dates with some guy, he failed horribly...but I was thankful for such apparent red flags right away. Zoey (my car) has been giving me some issues, found out the whole transmission needs to be replaced. Thank god for warranties.

All in all things are pretty good... I can't complain. I am fortunate to be where I'm at right now. I hope that this is a sign of things to come.

EDIT:: 2.15.12
I uploaded my doodles & G-mods mentioned in this journal. Click the links below if you want.
Crap and Creepy Engie by surey-neko   Dell Razz by surey-neko

Rugged Rainbows by surey-neko  ((My personal fave of this mass upload))

Engie Like A Bau5 by surey-neko   Gotcha Hardhat by surey-neko   Checkin the merch by surey-neko
Dat Buckle by surey-neko   Go On Son by surey-neko   What're ya doin? by surey-neko

Hold Still, Hardhat!! by surey-neko ((2nd favorite of this mass upload))
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Video game talk:
So mostly been playing TF2 solely. I got a little rage-y in TF2 (360) last night because of the Blu team spawncamping us, but I managed to get lots of headshots as Sniper, so it kinda balanced itself out.  Played Bully again last night. Nowadays I just play it to snog all the boys. I already hit 100% completion ages ago and got all the achievements in it, so now it's just there as a playground for me to goof off in. Also played GTA IV a bit, but couldn't focus b/c I was in Party with some friends and they're much more interesting than random acts of violence.

Art Talk:
I uploaded something like 9 G-mods. I didn't upload ALL of the G-mods I've made, because I think some are just too silly and are too similar to the ones that I've already posted to warrant posting them as well. I'm hoping that I can play with it more and make more silly / sexy / random things with the Garry's Mod program, because it is awesome.  Still need to find nude skins & figure out how to import them into G-mod. If anyone can help with that I'd greatly appreciate it!

Life Talk:
EDD has come in, but I have to send off like 4 forms.... le sigh. I worked out really hard Thursday & Friday and ended up tearing up the tendons in both elbows because I worked out too hard... so I've been stretching them straight for the past 2 days... very painful. Aside from that life is pretty good, got a chance to hang out with some awesome people over the weekend. Lots of TF2 art keeps me happy and screwing around with my friends on Live keeps me happy. I cannot complain.

Hope you're all doing well, hope you guys enjoy my G-mods too.. They're silly and smutty...and hopefully you get at least an odd giggle out of it.
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So I've been playing around in Garry's mod a bit lately, thanks go to :iconyumiasuka: for buying it for me in the first place.

I've made a few generic looking ones and some semi-nsfw ones (smutty poses but with clothes still on...need to find a way to download nude skins for them all....)

And I'm kinda on the fence about whether or not I should post them...soooo... I put up a poll, lemme know what you guys think there or just comment below on this journal.

Thanks for your input!!

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Video game talk:
Mostly just been playing TF2...a little L4D2 here and there. I got a chance to play Bully again for a little bit, the dialogue always gets me!! Not much aside from that, tempted to actually give in and fully play Portal 2.

Art Talk:
I worked on the Hoovy Bear picture a good bit. I still need to finish the base he's sitting on and add a background, then he'll be set to upload. After that I'll be editing and improving a pic of my friend and my's RP characters (Engie & Scout). So hopefully I can get that done before too long.

Life Talk:
I lost my job last Monday, and I'm waiting for my EDD to come in, but until then I have like no funds and am kinda unnerved wondering what I'm going to do about my bills. I was dreading telling my landlord, but he's ok with it. Which is a miracle and a half because that was my biggest dread... Anyways, so yeah job hunting like a maniac and trying to keep myself busy with projects. Video games & chatting have distracted me well enough lately. Also laundry, lots and lots of laundry.  I need to start hitting the gym more now that I have free time. Heck I could even bike there and get extra exercise on top of it and not have to fuss with wasting money on parking/gasoline. I am gonna be the most buff lady EVER!  

Also, NYE was amazing, it's gotta be the best one yet. It was crazy... in a good way.

Hope everyone's in a good spot and is managing well!! <3
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Video game talk:
TF2 is a hell of a drug. This damn fandom/game/community really has sapped mah life during the week.... I have played about 16 hours alone on Scout, second place is Sniper with 15 hours. So just between 2 characters I've already spent over 24 hours of my life on it. I've been living all week on about 5 hours of sleep at most per night, yay!! Totally worth it though.  I've really been obsessed with playing the games my friends and I made up (Hide & Seek & Duckies) in game, so much fun!!! I've also seriously decided that I'm going to be crossplaying as Engie by Y-con 2012, so hopefully I do well by Mr. Dell Conagher.

Art Talk:
I have been drawing, trust me. It's mostly work doodles. For some reason I get relaxed after I draw silly TF2 things. I'll be working on that HoovyBear pic tonight, coloring it and shopping it to look nicer, so please look forward to it. I'm also uploading a goofy ORANGE SPY pic that I drew at work today. I have another sketch I did, but it's so rough that I'm probably not going to upload it. Ah well.

Life Talk:
Been getting drunk a lot's fun to play games when drunk, the hang over the next day is never fun though. By "a lot" I mean once a week. I'm not "time traveling" so much as I'm just forgetting what I had said the previous night. I'm sure most of it involves begging to suck my gf's non-existent penises. Because that always gets a giggle and makes me happy. Probably lots of retarded singing & jokes too, who knows. lol.
Work is going well, always busy, grateful to have a job. I haven't been eating much lately, partly because of the hang overs and just a lack of still losing weight but not exactly in a healthy way.  Ah well, there's much better things in life than eating.  

Hopefully by this time tomorrow I will be drunk, goofing off, making awesome memories and playing games at a NYE party.
What are your plans? Do you have any strange traditions you do to help ring in the New Year?
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  • Drinking: Absolutely nothing!
1. What is a weird habit you have?
I fiddle with my hands a lot when I'm not doing anything/bored/trying to focus.... (ie: clapping randomly, punching my palm, making grabby/squeeze motions).

2. If you attended Hogwarts, what house would you be in and what would be your favorite subject?
Gryffindor House and Potions Class, hopefully craft some Felix Felicis to better my odds of snaggin' one of the Weasleys.

3. What is your favorite Pokemon? If you don't like Pokemon... What is your favorite pairing?
Mudkip, Dratini, Clefable, and Merryl.

4. What is your dream cosplay? Like, the cosplay you are dying to do more than anything but for various reasons (time, cost, etc.) you haven't been able to yet?
Tron Bonne, Hsien-ko, Nick, Medic, Hunter.

5. What's a guilty pleasure of yours?
Biting people, I know it's not generally acceptable, but it's just so lovely. Also napping in a pile of warm blankets.

6. What is a goal you really want to accomplish within the next 5 years?
Have my life in order and have my own place.  Also maybe have a boyfriend and a career in comedy.

7. What is something you really love or appreciate about yourself? (Yay self love~ n-n)
My intense energy and my ability to throw caution to the wind in favor of good times and late night romps.

8. What is your all time favorite movie?
I can't say just one!!!!! X(  I would think maybe The Little Mermaid....but then so many others pop up too!

9. What is something you want to learn how to do?
Make props well! Make Garage kits.  Learn to play guitar.

10. Where do you think you would like to live when you settle down permanently? (State/country, house/condo...)
I don't know. I know for sure I'd like to live in the city or somewhere not rural.  In a home.  Maybe Canada maybe USA.
  • Listening to: my TV
  • Reading: Dirty TF2 Smutfics
  • Watching: Gordon Ramsey's Kitchen Nightmares
  • Playing: TF2 -X360, Portal2- PC
  • Eating: chewing gum
  • Drinking: Absolutely nothing!
Video game talk:
Been playing TF2 mostly on the 360 as of late. Got to make a new friend, it's fun playing with people who like to talk while they play. It gets so boring when it's completely silent.

In other news I friended a Tf2chan/cosplayer on Steam and now they're not my friend anymore, sad because I never got a chance to talk to them. Ah well though, maybe it was for the best.

Art Talk:
Started re-drawing my magical girl, then stopped. Also took down a TF2 idea that I want to dry drawing out but I really need to practice drawing Spy & Sniper first before anything else. Need to get their anatomy down so that I don't make it look god awful.

Life Talk:
Job is going ok, they are concerned that I'm not utilizing my time well, only been there a month, so I don't feel too happy about that. Oh well though, they're the boss, right?

Aside from that I've been losing more weight. Part of it is just that I'm not eating as much and the other part is that I'm working out hard each time I go.
With romance nothing really new, just enjoying the company of someone that I have things in common with, which is always nice. Nothing serious though.

How are you all doing?? Did you guys have a good Thanksgiving day (if you celebrated), mine was fair.
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  • Reading: Dirty TF2 Smutfics
  • Watching: Walking Dead s2
  • Playing: L4D2 -X360, TF2 - PC
  • Eating: Absolutely nothing!
  • Drinking: Absolutely nothing!
So,  I have become horribly entrenched into the TF2 fandom....

  I am now reading/ looking at fics/pics on a daily basis.... I have had to organize files on my computer by pairing / class. (IE: HeavyxMedic, Spyper, Scooteroo, Odd Pairs, Dicks Everywhere, and so on).  

Yes, I also have been playing a lot on Xbox 360, but I am still pretty crappy at the majority of the classes. I have logged about 1+hr for both Sniper and Spy respectively.... Heavy comes in third... I need to start playing on PC, but Husband only has it for 360.

Meanwhile I am doing well at my job for the most part. Taking on new projects and responsibilities, which is good but also challenging....bring it on!

What else??? I have been slowly losing weight, woohoo. My stomach is slowly but surely getting slimmer....still not perfect, but it's a work in progress. I am able to run 15 minutes now and am only dying in the final 2 minutes.

So yeah, life is pretty good... I'm happy at the moment, I am blessed to have good friends.

Now if I could only get myself to draw more (can only muster up chibi Snipers & Teddy Bear Heavy's).  Need to start practicing male anatomy more so that I can actually draw the gorgeous men of TF2.... anyone got any good references that I can use??? Help a fangirl out!
  • Reading: Dirty TF2 Smutfics
  • Watching: Walking Dead s2
  • Playing: L4D2 -X360, TF2 - PC
  • Eating: Just ate beef stroganoff
  • Drinking: Just had some Pepsi
So, today is my birthday. I am now 26 and in a new demographic bracket, woohoo.

Yesterday I had a birthday party for myself but it was pretty lameasaurus rex. At least I found out who my true friends were... lol, so it's all gravy.

I got to have fun after wards just hanging out and having drinks with close friends. So it made up for it.

Today I will be hanging out with my best friend and going to see The Thing.  I am excited for it.

SO anyways, now that I've gotten the B-day blather outta the way, onto better things.

I am officially obsessed with is a fantastic game first off....but also SO slashable... I have never really felt this obsessed about a slashed fandom EVER. Not even Gundam was this bad.... but for some reason the fact that these are Men's Men that are acting these things out just gets me. Plus they're rough and gruff and brutal, it's just a nice contrast the rough with the gentle. It doesn't help that my husband, :iconwigaddict: encourages this addiction either. It's wonderful though being able to fangirl with someone who's of like mind.  It makes the fandom that much better. By next year we will be crossplaying together and fanservicing it up. I can't wait.... She makes life good.

   So yeah I've added like 4 more watches practically because of it and have actually dedicated a faves folder to anything I like involving the game. So expect to see a lot of TF2 stuff in my favs portion of my profile ((if you look at my profile)). Also probably expect that eventually I will be drawing it and making Gmods of it....

I hope that by drawing these guys I can actually become better at male anatomy and not be so ANIMU influenced. We shall see though... In the meantime I will still TRY to draw....The latest thing I've drawn was a chibi Sniper.... yeah I'm special and a fangirl and it's showing something fierce. Yes, I will eventually crossplay as Medic & Sniper.

What else, what else??? Uhhhhm I got a job!! Yeah! It's a PT job, and is only 24/week but that's better than nothing and I actually feel proud and tired at the end of the day. So it's really a good step in the right direction.  I haven't been working out (Booo on me) but my clothes are still loose even after I washed and dried them.  SO that's a plus kinda. Romance and Career are the names of the game right now... It is exciting and fun.... and makes me feel good to be so needed/wanted.

Life is pretty good overall at the moment... no real complaints aside from wanting people to finish writing their smutfics so I can continue to get my jollies.. lol.

Be good Kittens. <3