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Just wanted to send a note out to thank everyone who sent me a llama badge. Thanks to you guys I've reached an Albino Llama which may not seem like much to some of you, but feels like a pretty great accomplishment to me. 

Thanks Again Guys!

- Surdy
Hello everyone! 

I'm still fairly new here so I'm trying to find my way around this site a little bit. Please bear with me. Just an introduction to me here: 

- I live in North America 
- I am currently in grade 12, >.<
- I respect art in any way, shape, or form and find that these days, art is extremely undervalued 
- And I draw all the time, so I guess I will keep posting fairly regularly unless school decides to punch me in the face with homework, which I am kinda expecting because grade 12... Need I say more?

I'm still kinda new to the whole journal thing that this site has going on here. But I guess this is a good way for me keep my watchers posted... when I actually get watchers. LOL.