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Character Creation II: Dragonborn
Hannah watched as the die hit the table.  Whatever the roll was, it caused the young man to shrug.  "Well you get to keep your gender.  Not very exciting right off the bat, but I'm not complaining either." 

This kid was cracked.  "All right, whatever guy.  Have fun," Hannah said before turning and stepping to leave.  But then she found that her body tensed up and wouldn't allow her to complete that step.  She stood there frozen in the air for a moment before a voice piped up behind her.  "Don't be rude now.  We only just started!"  Hannah slowly retracted her foot, finding that she could step back to where she'd been without a problem.  Sweat started to bead her brow as she slowly turned back to the man at the desk.  "And my name's Anthony by the way." 

"What did to me?" Hannah asked, trying now desperately to remember what she'd eaten and drunk that day, and if any of it could have been drugged. 

Anthony waved his hand absentmindedly.  "Just enough to make sure we get through this without any issue.  And speaking of getting through it, we might as well move onto race." 

Hannah's eyes narrowed.  "Excuse me?" 

This actually caused Anthony to look up, almost bashful.  "Oh no, I didn't-no no not race like that um-"  He chuckled sheepishly.  "In this case it's kind of like species?  But in a fantasy sense.  Dwarves, elves, halflings, goblins, like that." 

Hannah didn't care.  She just wanted to get out of here. 

"Well um...oh you'll see," he said, dropping another die, this one with many more sides than the last.  Looking at the result, he made a sound that betrayed some sort of interest.  "Well that will take an additional role real quick," he added, before rolling another die.  "Hah!  Okay then.  Green dragonborn it is."  He set to writing something down on one of his papers. 

Hannah thought that sounded like something from that Skyrim game so many people had been all over a few years ago, to the point where even she was familiar with some of its terms, despite not even coming close to playing those sorts of games.  She didn't really know what the term meant, but it did ring some sort of bell. 

As this thought passed through her mind, she felt her skin begin to itch, first on her arm, then all over until it was unbearable.  She looked down at her arm and scratched at it, grimacing at the feeling.  It was like bugs crawling all over her body.  But then as the feeling started to dissipate, she realized that the feeling of her skin was changing as she scratched it.  All of a sudden, it was feeling harder and harder, and before her eyes, the smooth dark skin began to form into what looked like a covering of fine scales.  Scales that were now turning from dark brown to green.  She reared back away from her arm, as if to escape it, but the vision didn't change, and indeed changed further, as these scales grew to points at her joints, her elbows and fingers.  And that's when she noticed how swollen her hand looked.  It was as if it had been stung by a swarm of bees.  Her palm and fingers had doubled in size, but she was horrified to see that her pinky finger was not only smaller than the others, but appeared to be shortening at a rapid pace, making way for the increased size of the other digits.  And then within a moment it was gone, leaving her with only three fingers and a thumb.  And her fingernails...they looked as if they were shifting forward almost to the ends of her fingers.  and then they were lengthening, thickening, sharpening.  And then they were claws, protruding from the end of each. 

Hannah breathed in sharply, her voice cracking in an aborted whimper of terror.  It was only then that she realized how much her feet hurt.  And looking down, it became immediately apparent why.  Just like her hands, they'd swelled outward, and seemed now to be absurdly constricted by footwear that no longer fit.  She looked down just in time to see the seams give way and burst out, sending her stumbling for a moment to catch herself as her now clawed feet burst out, sending her off of her wedges, which toppled to the side. 

Then she felt something hit her shoulders.  By the time she looked over, nothing was there, but when she looked down, she noticed that her earrings were on the ground.  She squinted at them confused, then put a hand to her ear subconsciously.  But there was no ear that she could feel.  Her eyes widened in horror as both of her newly clawed hands searched the sides of her head.  There were no ears to be felt. being scratched by these new clawed digits, she found that the texture of her head seemed even harder than her new skin, almost as if she were tapping a plate with a pen.  Then she realized that she could no longer see or feel the hair that typically fell about her head and face.  Then feeling about her scalp, she discovered that it felt smooth.  Smooth until points began to push out along the vertical ridge of her skull.  Hannah's eyes showed absolute terror and a firm lack of understanding of anything that was happening to her.  Then without warning, it felt as if her nose and mouth were, ignorant of any whim she might have, pushing away from the rest of her face.  She watched it, unable to look away, barely able to blink, as she saw what almost looked like a more spiked maw of a crocodile pushed out and away from her, glasses, precariously poised on the faceward end of this new snout.  "Oh my god, what the fuck is happening to me?!" 

And then she felt the changes stop.  Everything settled into a silent, voiceless horror within her, as she stood frozen to the spot, unable to consider what one would or could do at this point. 

A smattering of applause came from a person she'd completely forgotten about for the past minute.  Her head whipped in its direction, where she saw this strange young man smiling and clapping.  "Wow, now that was interesting to watch.  Not that Stephanie wasn't fascinating enough to see, this is just a little different is all.  Wow." 

"What are you...what is..." Hannah muttered, voice barely above a whisper, the words feeling strange coming out of her elongated jaws, passing over a longer tongue. 

Anthony held up his hands in a gesture of placation.  "Okay look look, I'll admit maybe I was a little cruel with Stephanie.  I didn't tell her this until this end, but this is just temporary all right?  You'll have the chance to change back to your old self.  It's just going to be for a little while, okay?  So you don't have to go freaking out yelling, "Ooooh god I'm a monster what did you do nooooo" over and over all right.  All right?" 

Hannah could barely process this among everything else.  She was shaking.  "Did you drug me?  Am I-am I-what did you drug me with?  Just make this stop!" 

Anthony sighed.  "Look here's what it is.  We're going to play a fantasy game, you, me, Stephanie, and some other friends of yours.  But first you have to create an avatar right?  You've played games with character creation at some point surely." 

Hannah nodded slightly.  She'd done something like that when she'd played The Sims a few years ago. 

"Well we're basically doing that for you.  But in this game, we do it at random using these," he said, picking up a variety of dice, "and the options available in the game." 

"What am...what even am I?" she muttered, trying to take this in, looking down at her clawed hands. 

"You're a green dragonborn," Anthony said, indicating her with her pencil.  "Basically you have draconic blood in your ancestry, so you have some dragon traits." 

"What the fuck do you mean I'm a dragon?!" Hannah yelled, clenching her fists, lucky that her new scaled skin could hold up against how hard her claws were now digging into her palms. 

"Hey being a dragonborn is pretty cool.  You're a bit stronger, your charisma should be up some, and since you're green, you can basically breath out a poison gas cloud once per battle!" 

Hannah stared blankly at him.  "I breath out...a cloud of kill people." 

"It comes in handy when...well you'll find out anyway.  Look I know it's all a lot to take it, but let's just keep going and you'll get the idea as we keep at it.  Let's roll for your height and body type!" 


Sorry for the long delay everyone.  Work's been really busy recently, but I'm glad to finally post this.  As you can tell, this time I rolled for Hannah to remain female and turn into a Dragonborn.  I hope this won't put too many people off, given that it is a a fairly different choice, but I can't go against the die, so hopefully this will continue to interest as many people as possible.  If you're not happy with the results, then I'm sorry for it, but that's the roll of the dice sometimes.  I hope you'll continue looking in anyway. 

This entry is generously sponsored by :iconevilevor: so thank you very much for contributing.  If anyone would like to help this series along and contribute as well, please sense me a note, and we'll figure out payment through Paypal. 

For the next entry, I think I'm going to do it a little differently than last time.  Height is something easily rolled for given the formula in Volo's Guide, and is a well-defined enough number, but last time I found the weight statistic rather esoteric, so this is what I'm thinking this time:

I'll roll for height like normal, then I'll roll for a random female body type.  The options I'm thinking of rolling between go something like-

1. Diamond
2. Hourglass
3. Apple
4. Pear
5. Inverted Triangle
6. Triangle
7. Rectangle
8. Narrow Rectangle

Or something like that.  These deal with the underlying bone structure and shape of the hips, shoulder, ribs, and so on.  Then the entry after that will run the spectrum between muscular, average, fat, and so on.  At leas that's what I'm thinking.  If you have any ideas for these next entries, feel free to let me know! 

I hope you all enjoy the art and writing for this entry and are excited to see where the series goes from here! 


Confused?  Haven't seen the first series of Character Creation?  You can find the first entry here!
I rolled for Hannah's gender, and she is going to remain female.  Because I now realize that there would be no actual change to show, the next entry of Character Creation will include that female die roll, and will also show what player race she's going to be.  So the next entry will sort of be a two-for-one. 
Character Creation II: Hannah
Hannah sighed as she taped up another flyer on the bulletin board inside the her college's student center.  She'd drawn the short straw and been stuck papering the campus with flyers advertising this year's Oscar party.  It was always a popular event among the Greek life students, and each year, the venue was changed to a different fraternity or sorority.  Hannah had been trying for the last three years to get it hosted at Phi Sigma Sigma, and this year time and effort had come back around at last.  As a film major, she loved the Oscars, and had, over the past two weeks, been systematically watching any nominated films she'd missed.  She'd convinced the others to let her lead the party (though admittedly no one exactly contested either), but in the end, this put her in charge of putting the word out there as well.  Personally, she thought it was ridiculous that they were advertising anywhere off of social media in the first place, but Danielle, the sorority's premiere graphic design major wouldn't hear of there not being a print run of her design as well. 

It would be worth it though, Hannah thought as she walked out the doors of the center and down the path further into campus.  The class and glamour of awards season was nice (and would give her a chance to show off a brilliant gown her fashion designer friend Keiko had been putting together, half as a project, and half as a belated birthday gift), but for Hannah, it was all secondary to the recognition of true talent in film. 

Hannah placed another flyer on a freestanding bulletin board as she daydreamed about one day sitting in that theater herself, when she caught something odd out of the corner of her eye.  She turned her head to see the strange sight of some fellow student sitting at a desk on the grass not five yards away from her.  That was strange enough, but the young man was staring directly at her, almost expectantly.  She then realized just how quiet it had gotten without her noticing. 

"Hello Hannah," the young man said, raising a hand in greeting.  "How are things?" 

"Um...fine I guess," she said, uncertainly.  She definitely didn't know this guy's name, but he did look vaguely familiar. 

"How familiar are you with roleplaying games, Hannah?" the young man asked. 

That was when Hannah made the connection.  This was one of those guys who had been taking up an entire study area for some game the other day.  "Look, I didn't want to play your fantasy thing then, and I definitely don't now.  Have you been following me?"  She casually glanced around and noticed that she didn't catch sight of a single other person, which started to put her hair a bit on end. 

Her conversational partner tapped his pencil absentmindedly on a piece of paper.  "Following isn't really the right word, but I'll admit I've been keeping track of you a bit." 

Hannah scowled and gripped her open hand into a fist at her side.  "Yeah, well you'd better cut it out if you know what's good for you.  Keep creeping around me and I'll have campus security on you so fast, you won't know where your ass is until it's getting kicked out of college." 

He waved his hand dismissively.  "Don't worry, I only needed to know where you were today anyway, so you could join our game." 

Hannah took a subtle step backward, getting ready to bolt at a moment's notice to get away from this psycho.  "I already told you I'm not playing any game with you or your geeky friends." 

"Oh no no you misunderstand me.  It's just me on this side, but the game also belongs to you and your friends.  We're playing it together." 

"Nobody I know is going to play with you either.  You can count on that." 

"Oh, but Stephanie's already ready to go," he said, which sent a shiver down Hannah's spine.  "She made her character, but now you have to make yours.  Believe me, you wouldn't last long as you are." 

"What the fuck are you talking about?" Stephanie said sharply.  "Did you do something to Stephanie?!" 

He held his hands up.  "I didn't do a thing, but put chance into play."  He closed one palm, and when he opened them a bunch of what looked like oddly-shaped dice now rested there.  "These do the changing.  I just roll." 

"Changing what?  What the fuck are you talking about?" 

"Well let's start with gender," he said, dropping a die down onto the desktop.


Hi everyone, and welcome to the second part of Character Creation, where we're starting over with a new character, Hannah, who is a part of the same friend group as Stephanie, and has also landed in same hot water, though she doesn't yet fully realize that.  This round will proceed much the same as the last: It's $15 via Paypal to sponsor the next stage of the transformation, which I will determine randomly by a roll of dice, with each number indicating certain options.  If you'd like to sponsor an entry, please just send me a note, and we'll get it all worked out. 

That being said, I think this round will be a bit more efficient, with some options being condensed and simplified, and some removed entirely.  I think I'll take out the actual human race option, and simply leave it as a random fantasy race, and I'll be refiguring some of the weight/body type options.  If you have any suggestions for methods you think would be improvements, or options I missed that you think should be in there, please let me know, and I'll consider them. 

At any rate, the next entry will determine Hannah's character's sex.  Certain iconic options like "Shemale" and "Orc" will be struck from the lists (futanari will also be removed, because as far as what's artistically portrayed, it's hardly, different) so as not to be overly redundant, so the gender options are as follows. 

3. Pussyboy

Once the next entry is sponsored, I'll start work on it and get it posted as soon as possible. 

Thanks for sticking with me, and I hope this new Character Creation is entertaining for everyone. 


Confused?  Haven't seen the first series of Character Creation?  You can find the first entry here!
Character Creation: Class and Background
"Well I'd say those are some fairly fitting results, all things considered," Anthony concluded, writing furiously, and in more places on his paper than Stephanie had seen him write before.  She didn't feel anything tingling in her body or mind, so she had no idea what on earth he'd rolled to change.  Try as she might, Stephanie couldn't remember what a "vocation" was.  She imagined he wasn't sending her on a nice trip.  And hadn't he said something about her "background?"  As she looked behind her, Stephanie noticed the same building that had always been there, but felt something odd brush against her neck.  She looked down and was confused to see some of her newly platinum hair gathered into a small braid, with a blue and white feather attached to the end of it by some sort of hair tie.  Looking down, she saw that another feather, this one orange and white, was hanging down from behind her ear.  Both looked rather ratty to her, half of them having fallen away at some point.  She was just thinking how tacky they looked, when she fully processed that by all accounts they shouldn't have been there at all.  Then she realized that beyond that braid, and another she discovered hanging from the other side of her head, her hair was no longer hanging about her face at all.  She brought her right hand up to her head and could feel that it was all gathered up and back, leading to a tie on the back of her head. 

Then she realized that her shoulders were warm.  And her waist, and that the pendulous fat breasts she'd so recently felt swinging around felt contained, if no smaller.  Then Stephanie looked down and saw why.  Amazed and confused, she saw that her normal clothes, torn and destroyed, have been entirely replaced.  Some sort of wolf fur was now slung around her shoulders, one of which was now covered by what looked like some sort of small dragon skull.  She recoiled from the sight, and again when she realized that a necklace of painted fangs now hung from a string around her neck.  Her massive chest was now contained and kept in place by an underwrapping of what looked like this gauze that itched, now that she realized it was there, and beyond that by a thick leather top lined with fur.  She could scarcely see her belly, but spotted what looked like some sort of massive tattoo that certainly hadn't been there previously, and could see it extending downward onto some uncovered parts of her things, which themselves led down to fur and leather boots, wrapped tight in some sort of strap or rope.  More furs obscured her waist, which relieved Stephanie of the grotesque sight of her new manhood, though she felt bile rise in her through as she realized that she could still feel it, now wrapped and coiled within some sort of undergarment against her pelvis, testes nestled not too tightly below.  She was about to feel the pelt covering her waist, when she realized that moving her left hand was difficult, and when she looked up she realized why.  "Oh my Gruumsh," she muttered, not noticing the odd evocation of a name she'd never before heard.  Her hand was now holding a gigantic axe, bigger than any she'd ever seen, even in movies.  It was heavy, no doubt, but as she tested its weight in her hand, she realized that the tensing muscles in her arms were more than enough to wield the beastly weapon.  Not that she'd know how, even if she wanted to. 

Then the contractions in her mind finally began, causing her to stumble slightly, as she held onto her great axe for support and placed her right hand to her head.  A great deal of information had left her head recently, and now plenty was trying to stream back in all at once, even though the receptacle could no longer hold so much as it once could.  Thoughts, memories, feelings, all flowed into Stephanie's head far faster than she could comprehend or identify, and just when she thought she could take no more, the flow stopped as suddenly as it started.  She opened her eyes again and blinked several times, stumbling back to her full height.  Then the axe caught her eye again.  And she remembered something that had never happened to her before.  She could see up a grassy hill, a dark stormy sky behind it.  Rain threatened, but only the slight smell of ozone made any physical impact.  It flowed up her flaring nostrils.  There were people on the hill.  A lot of people.  Tall folk in shining armor, short stout bearded men swinging axes at giant wolves, great green behemoths she knew were like her; her people.  And she was kneeling, getting back up quickly, but not quickly enough, as she looked up to see what looked like a silvery knight hacking down at her with a shining sword.  She felt her body give up its effort to right itself, and fell, rolling to the side as it hit the ground, seeing the blade plant into the dirt where her face had been moments before.  Then before even she knew it, she'd leapt up onto her feet and smashed her armored fist into the helmet of the knight, knocking him onto his back, the wind making an audible exit from his lungs.  Then her axe was in the air, smashing down into his head.  Then again.  And again.  And again and again and again.  She roared, something primal issuing from her, and wheeled, catching another warrior behind her, who had sought to gain advantage from her seeming lack of awareness.  Then his chest had been caved in.  Then another knight fell, then one of the shorter men, then someone who looked like her, then another, and another, all to the seething white-hot fury that burned within her in a way she couldn't comprehend. 

And then Stephanie was staring at the axe.  And realizing that she very much knew how to use it.  "What am I...remembering...?" she stammered out, still floored by the flood of emotions that felt like they'd been her own, even though she knew very well that they weren't. 

Anthony was still writing, and answered, though he didn't look up.  "Oh, probably something about a battle.  You're a barbarian now, so you've seen plenty of those.  Though you're also a hermit, so it looks like you've spent a fair amount of time alone, so maybe something like that." 

Stephanie's lips twitched around the fangs that jutted up from her lower jaw.  "I'm not a fucking barbarian!" she half-yelled, half-sobbed, the intensity and confusion she felt from the thoughts and memories that now flowed through her was more than she'd been prepared for, even at this stage.  "I'm Stephanie Chandler!  I'm a student and I'm-I" she stammered out as teared rolled down her green cheeks, grief, mixing with a rising rage that scared her in how alien it was. 

Anthony sighed and finally put down his pencil.  "Yes yes, I know who you are.  And that's true.  But right now, and for at least a little while, you're also Stilgre, a barbarian orc hermit.  You were born as a rare man-maiden, a gift rarely bestowed upon female orcs by Gruumsh, the god of all that people.  Though it ought've sanctified you among your kin, the other orcs you were up with were ruthless and relentless in their abuse and belittlement of your gift, which made you rather anti-social, and something of a loner.  You grew up fighting in the wars of your people, with one another, with humans, dwarves, elves, and you distinguished yourself in battle, much to the chagrin of many around you who wished only to see you fail.  After an especially rough night, where you were soundly beaten by a gang of said kin, you tended your wounds as much as you could before the next day's raid.  Your head ached, your body complained, but like any good orc, you pushed through it and joined the fray the next day.  But you were slower than usual, less deft.  Upon almost being killed, something inside you, something that had been building for years snapped.  It snapped right off.  Then you killed the humans and dwarves attacking you.  And then you caught sight of one of your tormentors.  And that rage burned even brighter.  Right into him, and then on through.  And his compatriot who tried to come to his aid.  Then someone that had nothing to do with it.  But you didn't stop.  You couldn't.  You made a bloody path through that battlefield, fed with anyone who crossed your path.  Now orcs tend to be violent, and are encouraged to kill recklessly in battle, but this was something you'd never experienced before.  It was more than you were prepared for.  And you killed a great many of your fellows, some who didn't deserve it, and some who were very important to your chief.  So you ran.  You ran and ran until you didn't know where you were anymore.  You made your home in the wilderness, trying to come to terms with what you'd done and why, still feeling it within you, coursing through you, dormant.  You tested it on beasts and monsters in the wilds until you could control it, harness it and direct it at will, and it made you a powerful and dangerous warrior. 

"After a great many years by yourself, you finally set off into the world, seeing what you could make of it, and what it might make of you.  You've ventured forth with hunting parties, holding your own among any who would test you.  You've drunk the heartiest under the tavern table, and you've fucked and been fucked by any you deemed up to the task, though they're fewer than you'd like.  It's not a stable life in one place, but a life unattached, adventuring on the road is something you've found you quite like." 

And Stephanie knew it was true.  As he told her of herself, or this person she'd become, she remembered all of it.  The bullying of her peers, kicking her in her nether regions, hurting as the other girls never would.  Trying to prove herself, but always feeling like an outcast.  That terrible battle.  Running running running.  Life in the wild, cutting down terrible beasts.  The coiled rage she'd tamed and now unleashed at will.  Faces of people she'd fought with, people who had died beside her, people she'd cared for but would never tell, locked in embrace, the sensation of being entered and that alien one of being on the other side.  Going from town to town, fight to fight.  She remembered it all.  It felt real and it didn't.  She knew it wasn't, but it was all so vivid. 

"I don' wanna be this," she reiterated, this time sounding more resigned.  "I want my body back, my brain.  I'm not...I'm not Stilgre.  I'm not no man-maiden, I'm a girl, I'm smart, I'ma be a marketing manager!  Nobody gonna hire no stupid angry lady hitting things with a axe!  How'm I supposed to live like this?  People think I'ma fuckin' freak!"  She stomped her foot on this last point for emphasis, frustration and anger coursing through her.  Even against her instincts, the purely Stephanie part of her didn't actually want to crush this man's skull.  It felt like it would be giving up part of who she really was. 

"Stilgre, you haven't been listening closely enough," Anthony tut-tutted.  "I know that's really my fault, but let me explain.  You don't have to be this way forever.  And if you do stay this way, it would be in a place much more accepting of your new self.  You'll have every change to get back to the way you were.  You just have to do a little...adventuring first. 

Something inside her thrilled at that idea, but Stephanie knew it wasn't from her.  "Wait, you gonna change me back?!" she asked, heart jumping into her throat. 

"Yes yes, I'll change you back to good old Stephanie Chandler, IF you succeed in the task I set before you." 

Stephanie thrilled.  She'd always assumed that she was to be left forever as this dumb stupid thing she'd become.  Thank Gruumsh she might have a way out now.  If this idiot wanted her to do some weird adventure, then he'd only made it a lot easier by giving her all this ridiculous muscle and skill.  She just had to suffer through having it for a little while. 

"It won't be easy though, even with your great power," Anthony said, as if reading Stephanie's mind.  "Indeed, if you succeed, you'll truly be worth of the title of Hero of the World.  But don't worry, you won't be undertaking this mission alone." 

Stephanie tilted her head at this.  God she hoped she didn't have to be around any weirdo monster things.  Then she remembered that she WAS a weird monster thing.  Still.  "All right.  Fine," she said tersely.  At this point, any chance was better than none, and she was not going to blow the opportunity to get her life back.  "What do I gotta do?" 

"Don't worry about that right yet.  I've got to go get some of your friends to join you."  Stephanie's green face paled and her mouth dropped open slightly.  "I'll get you to the tavern.  Have a drink or two while you wait.  You'll see them soon. 

And then Stephanie was gone.


Well, it's been a road getting here, but we're finally at the end of Stephanie's Character Creation process.  She's gone from Stephanie Chandler, a young brunette business major to a battle-hardened shemale orc barbarian named Stilgre.  And here at the end we at last see the larger plan Anthony's been working toward this entire time.  Stephanie will be playing Dungeons & Dragons first-person as her character Stilgre, and will be sent on an epic journey, and if she triumphs, she'll be returned to her old life and her old body as if nothing had happened.  But like any good game of D&D, she can't go on that journey alone.  Anthony plans for a few of Stephanie's friends to create characters as well, to make a true adventuring party worthy of the quest he has in mind. 

So this means that after this, Character Creation will begin again with a new subject and new rolls to create a new random character.  I know not everyone liked the direction of this, but I'm glad for the random nature of it even so.  The character Stephanie became was not a transformation I would have thought to draw or go out of my way to create, so it was a new experience for me.  Thank you to everyone who supported the series, whether it was by sponsoring an entry or through comments, notes, and favorites.  I'm still excited to take it for another round to see what we end up with.  For the sake of avoiding redundancy, I DO plan to nix certain major options that Stephanie got, so we don't end up with anything too similar.  The shemale option will be taken off, as well as the orc race option, the barbarian class, and hermit background.  I'll also restructure some of the options more efficiently and take one or two out entirely, so it's a better, more streamlined experience. 

I also may do an epilogue picture for Stilgre, showing her in-world, but that's more of a leisurely thing than something on the front burner. 

I have something sketched up for the next session, but I might rework it.  We'll see.  Either way I don't know how soon it will be, but I'll draw and post it as soon as I can manage, given a schedule that's been rather packed as of late. 

Thank you very much to :iconthearrogantnair: for sponsoring this final entry, and again to EVERYONE who contributed to this series' completion.  I hope the experience has been intriguing, even if not exactly what you might have expected. 

Until the next one,



Hi everyone,

I want to thank everyone for all the great messages of sympathy and support that you've sent me over the past year and a half.  I didn't really process that it's been that long until I just typed it.  It's been a while, and stuff in my life has changed in that time, some ways good, some ways bad.  Very busy, definitely.  And that business has been part of why it's been as long as it had.  I don't have as much free time for commissions, or even just sketching up art for this page of my own volition.  Another part of the reason for my continued silence, has been guilt over how many projects and commissions that were in the midst of discussion that got left in the lurch, which I intended to address as things calmed down in my life, but just kept putting off until it had been an absurdly long time. 

But I don't want to abandon this page or stop drawing, even if I do have less time, so I'm announcing my return here, kind of.  I won't be reopening Patreon at this time, nor will I be taking carte blanche commissions.  I'd say I'm not planning on doing any at all, because I don't want to over-commit and leave people waiting longer than they should have to, but I have an idea for a potential commission series that might allow me to do them in a controlled, one-at-a-time kind of way.  Whether or not it goes to a full series will depend on the interest and willingness to participate of the audience. 

I think it's a fun, if somewhat chaotic idea with potential, and the forming of the idea, and desire to see it maybe go somewhere is part of what inspired me to finally come back in some fashion.  I'll be posting the base entry in the series soon, explaining the premise, and how commissioning entries in the series will work, then you all can send in feedback and requests for entries, if you want them. 

Tl;dr, thank you so much for your kind words and support.  They've meant a lot to me in some very hard times.  I won't be taking commissions as of now, except in a new series I'm going to start.  For more details, see the upcoming deviation. 

Thank you all again, and I hope you're well. 



United States


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