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xDesk2 is a Dreamscene-like app that works on both XP and Vista. It sits in your system tray, and generally uses only around 10MB. Because the way the app works, getting a screenshot is impossible, so i put up a picture of the interface menu.

graphics design originally by Rhor ( [link] ), used with permission.

Please note that I have made this app Donation ware, because i have recently lost my job, and i have a one and a half year old son i need to pay support for.

so please, any donations at all will be appreciated, just email if you wish to make a donation.
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Good job. Works fine on my XP. Haven't tried it on 7 yet.
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as how it is a 32 bit app, should work good under 7 also.
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Yepp it works. Only "Hide desktop" and "Hide shortcut arrow" isn't working. But this doesn't matter.:)
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Any way to make the videos not fullscreen and not hide desktop icons? :\
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no, because that defeats the purpose of it. Anything else besides that is a windowed Ui, if you need a windowed ui, use mediaplayer.
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This isn't working for me. I installed and tried to run the program and I see it running in applications on task manager, but it's not opening any windows or anything like that.
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My bad, didn't see the icon on my taskbar. Works great!!
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Interesting I will test drive it and let you know how it works out on my Vista Home 32bit Machine,

I just discovered I can use VLC for this same functions but Im a bit of a discovery person I have wanted to do this for years and nows the time.

Thanks Lisa
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i've tried things before like using vlc or hacking dreamscene into my Vista Business x64 SP2 install, and its never quite been right... third party apps dont do it well, and hacking it in tends to break things (if it even works at all). This app BY FAR does the job better, I was even surprised to see sound support. Great job! Thanks!

PS. although I am a penniless student, i think i shall email you about making a small donation :P
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Excellent sotfware, thank you. As good as your Notepad 2008 Ribbon software.
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thenk you! i have a better version coming up soon, i hope!
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This looks great on my 64 bit Vista!
On thing that will keep me from using this is no playlist option.

Add that and this will be the best Dreamscene replacement I've ever seen!
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i had never thought of doing a "playlist" option, just pick one movie and let it go at it.
when your tired of the movie, change it out.
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this is just great (:-)) I love it. Still looking for good movies as background, but its really great.

I see slow reation to mouse if video file cannot be played.

Please go on developing this

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yup. for the extraction and run.

i am looking in to a newer version now.
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am i right -just open the cab inside the zipfile and copy that to a new folder

Than rn xdesk.exe?
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any updates ??

Awesome! thx alot!

(Amirz - WinMatrix)
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Any updates boss ?? Its getting popular ....
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This would be perfect if the desktop icons were still visible.
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