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wTrans is pretty much TransConMenu and TransTaskbar combined, along with a check box for auto-start with windows.

You can specify individual transparent settings for the Taskbar, the Start Menu, and the Context menu seperatley. just move the slider, and click "Apply" to save the settings and hide the config.

the timer than controls the app runs fast, so you may have to end up clicking the button once or twice to get it to register what your doing.

And, as suggested by a users, the default VB6 icon is now a custom Mouse icon.

For Windows 2000 + up.
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Danke , 10x
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If i don't want to use it any more, how can make the interface back to the original
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go to the system tray (beside the clock), look for the icon, either click, or right-click, and choose Exit.
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how can i remove it from my Notification area...there are 4 or 6 of this thing running and i want to completely remove it to be sure it is removable b4 i install it again on my other pc's :)
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just delete the file. then reboot.
or from the start menu, in the text bix, type in


and go to the "start up" tab and uncheck all references to the program. it wont start up now, and you didnt have to delete the program.
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i have quick question gr8 app but what if i want to remove this app all together?

and how can i remove this from my notification area...and make sure this app is not working? PICS Attached!

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you can open up the app by usinf the down arrow that is the notification area, find it's icon, and uncheck the Start with Windows box (I think that is what it says), OR go to the folder that the app is at, and simple delete the app, then reboot windows.
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hi, thanx for this fantastic yet tiny applicatin.m using it on xp works fine, but has got one problem. After pressing the startbutton 2-3 times the upper border of the startmenu becomes black.what can i do?
Thanx in advance.
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no idea what is causing it, sorry i cant help you out.
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I checked it out. Works fantastic on 7.Great job and thanx for sharing.
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Fine app. Will this work on 7?
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