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[Changed out .zip file for Setup.exe file]

vDesk is a Virtual Desktop app that allows you to have more then one Desktop.

[+] Supports up to 1024 Desktops ^_^!!!
[+] Each Desktop can have it's own Wallpaper
[+] Add and Remove Virtual Desks on the fly
[+] Small Memory Footprint (8Mb Ram)
[+] Designed for the Non Geek
[+] Full Setup file.

Adding a desktop is easy enough, every thing is accessed through the icon in the tray window, just right click on the icon.

NOTE: My Vista tester has not mentioned to me if this Is Vista compatible, but it should be, if it is not then i will move this submission to another category. Any Vista users that get this work in Vista, please post back so I will know for sure.

Productive comments welcomed, along with praise and other forms of coolness. Please don't be a dick if it is not Vista compatible, just post in here OR PM me, and i will appreciate the info and swap it out.


PS. VS is this [link] by :iconsirhack:
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I have a problem.
I get this problem when installing. (Except this isn't a game :P)