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Windows xKill

By SuprVillain
[Update at Bottom]
Ok, for those of you that have ever used Linux, then there may be the chance that you might have had to use xkill. But, for those that have never used Linux, then here is a good summary for you...

An App that your using Freezes, and your first thought it to CTRL+ALT+DEL to bring up Task manager, then you have to wade thought the processes to find said frozen app, then kill it... Or you use xKill.

Using a system wide hook in xKill, when it is running, just Press Control+Alt+Backspace, and you will see a Skull and Crossbones follow behind your cursor. When you click on the next item (say, the frozen application), it will kill it. simple.

And just because i know that people will try this out with out having an app to kill, when the skull and crossbones is up, if you choose NOT to kill any thing, press Escape, and you will exit out of xKill mode.

No external references, this app is Portable, you will know when it is running doe to the color changing Skull and Crossbones in your system tray. you can Right click on the glowing icon to either go in to xKill mode, so that you don't have to do Control + Alt + Backspace, or you can exit out of xKill.

At a user's request, you can now disable the tray icon... but then you have to use Taskmanager to kill xkill.
Fixed the (C) info also.
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SuperF4 also has an xkill feature. I recently split it out and made it available as a separate program as well, available here:


Doesn't seem to work on Windows 10, the key combination just opens the ctrl+alt+del menu. If you shared the source it'd be possible to check whether it would still work with another combination.

Rename it to xkill, drop it in system32 and  cmd.exe will pull on your bootstraps and bob's your Aunt Roberta.
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Useless !!!
- Run only first time, than Control+Alt+Backspace no more do nothing !!!
Remove craps !!! Please !!!Scared Clover Scared Clover 
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dead app is dead, no longer supported or maintained, sorry.

For historical preservation, maybe the source code can be released? :)

Doesn't work properly with fullscreen apps, so it's useless shit.
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look at when the app was made.   metro apps did not exist back then.  
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This is still really useful in 2014. Please consider rewriting it, I would gladly make icons for it.
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Sadly I have left the programming game and have moved on to Linux.   After 20+ years of doing hobby software, and getting no donations, I called it quits last year.   I do remember giving some one else the source code for this though, although any one that can use a .NET decompiler (to VB) can get the source code for it, change it up a bit, then re-compile it.
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It seems that it is not so easy to decompile it  :(
Is there any chance to get the source code? :)

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lol this thing is really old, but its what i needed
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yeah it is very old.  i have no idea why some one else has not made a newer, better version of this.
verry easy solution to the problem that it won't autostart:
right click>create shortcut
place shortcut in startup folder:
C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup
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good work!  thanks :D
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Thanks, it's great. Would be nice if it auto-starts with Windows but nevertheless, works as advertised OMG MOAR POEMS!
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You have no idea how incredibly useful this is! It can even kill apps that the task manager on XP refuses to touch! :D
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i am glad that you like it. that is pretty much the reason that I wrote this, hidden apps.
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I've actually been using it for years, but I forgot to fave it until now. :XD:
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LOL such small program that's actually very usefull, especially for those obscurely named driver utilities program.

But I do wish that the skull icons are a little bit visible on my desktop.

As it is, replacing the icon using ResHack, resulted in the exe cannot be run.

Anyway thx for this program :)
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Thank you,I'll try it out and have a little fun :-)
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Love it, thanks! Just used it!
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ยินดีต้อนรับคุณ : D
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