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Texturized Taskbar

So, This is a small app that can Texturize your Taskbar (only the bar, not the start menu). I saw how Windowblinds 7 was toting this exact same thing as a major feature, and it got me mad, because i did this app back in 2002 more or less.

So i quickly re-created the app, added in tray support, and i may even get start menu support in some time soon.

This comes with 10+ textures that i made in about as many minutes.

This currently only work if your taskbar is set to the bottom, i have to add in detection of taskbar placement next.

This has only been tested in XP, but i suspect that in Vista / 7, in AERO, it would look positively kick ass!
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after using it do i have to reloud i mean Restart the computer?
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no, just start the app, it should start up in the system tray.
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because i tryd but nothing happened
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ok i just tried it, it does not work under windows 7. and most likley vista, this was made for XP.
is there any way i can make it so my taskbar has a light wooden appearance?
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find a big "wooden" wallpaper. crop to the size of your taskbar. use that pic with the app.
I was doing that earlier but it wasn't showing up. I realized the problem was that I needed to make the image 130x110. It's a bit blurred, but thanks. I'll play around with it some more and see if I can make it clearer.

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Como Lo Uso ??
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she say how can she use it?
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can i used this in windows 7 starter??
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yes. especially if you use the "Glass" Aero of Windows. However, as this is a VB6 app it may now work right... You can also to AeroWorks in my Gallery, it was made for Windows 7 and Vista especially.
so i dl the pro. and cant see how to use it?
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go to the system tray and look for it's icon, and click / right-click it, a menu should show up, or the app should show up. if you need, use the slider to adjust the taskbar transparency. Please keep in mind this was made for XP and Vista, OSes that are VB6 friendly. It WILL have problems on 7, and i cant do anything about that, sorry.
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I want it to look like [link] but when its set to that it looks like the taskbar with the texture as black
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ah, ok. VB6 "Stretched" the image to the size of your taskbar, what I would so is to take the image (nice, BTW...) and open it up in an art app, and tiles it to the the size of the taskbar's width ... Simply see the width of your monitor , that will tell you.

Also, make it the height of the taskbar, if win 7 it should be 36 pixels, XP was 24 pixels i think, not to sure about vista.

If nothing else, you can just do a screen shot of your whole desktop, crop to the just taskbar, then start tiling the picture over the taskbar image, sane save it, then apply it.

Hope this helps!
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Welcome. I hope it worked out ok?
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any way to make the image clearer? I would like it to look like this ([link]) but it just looks like the normal taskbar with the color set to black
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Hey man, Im a coder...

Could help you with the detection stuff

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Works in Win7 yeah but after I have found my perfect texture and clicked "Set texture" it doesn't set when I exit Taskbar Texturer :S
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great app, but as in my PC does not run Aero due to Video card APP has no effect, I would use, but it seems that the app only works on the Aero, would improve suportee him? xD
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