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Solo's Ripple

By SuprVillain
Solo's Ripple is Pure Desktop Eyecandy!

[edit]Video preview([link])
Wallpaper [link] [/edit]

This app sits in your system tray, and will ripple like a water applet the wallpaper picture, icons and active windows!

You can adjust the timer speeds and save them to your liking, it will recall them upon re-launch.

Ripple stays on the bottom, so that if you have a program in full screen mode it will stay out of your way!

XP and Vista compatible!

This app is Donation ware, meaning that if you like it, it would be appreciated if you made a donation. This is because I have recently become unemployed, and I have to pay child support for my one and a half year old son.

please, if you like this, and are feeling generous, please fire of an email to for how to make a donation.
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It's working on my win7 32bit.. I think it's also cool if you can resize it and make a function with mirror without wave.. ;)
e-x3's avatar
very interesting
a-fools-paradise's avatar
Awesome concept!

A shame I cant resize it though- that way I can adjust how much of my screen it takes up.

2 thumbs up :D
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ok this is awsome! thoe the problem for me is that after a while it makes my computer real slow and i have to close the program to get my vista running up to speed again, but straight after if i launch the program again its ok. so only about 15 to 20 mins of running it slows down my computer.
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well it does do heavy graphics work, and the language that it is wrote in is not known for bein that great wih the kind of math i used for it. I do have plans for porting it to .net soon.
Jysen's avatar
wel im using it now and its real cool, thoe sometimes my computer goes real slow untill i close it. oh and the wall paper i juz saw u do have a link for it hahaha
Jysen's avatar
hey im juz about to download it, it looks great and its a really cool idea. plz where did u get that wall paper, its really cool! could u provide a link plz
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i will edit the top message and give credit, thanks for bringing it to my attention that i failed to do so :D
SuprVillain's avatar
pure eye-candy, and thanks!
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Vista Royale Inpirant by psychoB, i LOVE anything royale Inspirant!

I use StyleSelector to change the skin, because it does not require me to hack the files.

SS link [link]
VistaTransformer's avatar
Which theme are you using?
SuprVillain's avatar
yes, the install program is not needed, it is a self-contained app with no external DLLs. i am working on a web installer that will download and install / register only the needed files.
Rhor's avatar
I had the same installer issues on XP, and what I did was to extract the cab file and then I ran the program from there, maybe a installation program is not even necessary.
lsdmeasap's avatar
Yeah, Not sure what is up with the installer. Maybe you should try a different app to make it. I can extract and run it fine on XP or Vista, but the installer fails on both.

Ya, Line removal would be nice if you could find how or make it optional. If not, maybe only 1/2 pix or smaller then it is anyway. It looks bad on black backgrounds
lsdmeasap's avatar
It would be nice if you could somehow remove the line that separates the ripples and the desktop horizon
SuprVillain's avatar
That was an idea i have been tinkering with. mabey i will make it an option.
lsdmeasap's avatar
Did not install on my vista, error was dealing with the registry. If you would like me to reproduce it and post a screenshot of the error I can do so, also happens if tried in XP Compatibility mode.

Here made you a screenshot, also happens when ran as Admin.... So I am not so sure this is vista compatible

Looks nice, hope you can fix this error so I can try it out.

Nevermind, I got it to work for me, but your installer is broke for sure I get errors on XP as well, about updating files. I say ok and it restarts and says the same thing. However I did just run the app without installing it in vista, so it runs fine. Just the installer needs redone for sure
SuprVillain's avatar
wow that is strange, i have no idea what would cause that to happen... must look in to that.
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