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This is actually an app that I wrote in 2003! I have been using it since Windows 2000 on every system that I have had.

* Self Installs (links) itself in to the SendTo menu
* You can browse for other folder, the app will remember them.
* You can also Drag and Drop files in to the file list box (left) and it will get added to the Que.
* You can choose to Copy a file, or to move it.
* You can choose to make a Short Cut, Add in "Shortcut to..." or to give the shortcut it's own special name.
* The app now inherits whatever Visual Style you may be using.

Once the app has been self-installed, you can use it in the SendTo menu to choose files to send to another folder.

I had to do a bit of re-writing, i had to update a bit of code to work with Windows XP and higher. I updated this app when I took my break from the Unicode translation system found in STR.

I dont know if anyone else will like this app, if not, oh well, if you do like it, then cool, glad that you like it!
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I use this like crazy...thank you!  Love 
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no problem, glad that you find it useful!
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Can you change the icon to match windows 7 folder icon
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Dont have the source any more, sorry. Please keep in mind that this was made back when Windows 98 was in full effect.

BUT... Look in my gallery, there is a app in there that you can use to change icons, you can try that!
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is very useful this tool,but not for me!please where in regedit i can find?
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the app does not link to regedit at all. it's a special folder that the app is placed in.
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so why is not a uninstall-file included?
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because it does not have an installer. It copies itself and links itself to that folder.

paste this in to Explorer's address bar / breadcrumb bar to go to the folder so that you can remove the app.

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thanks have found,before you give me an answer!^^
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i mean uninstall
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ok. any reason why? not useful?
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will deinstall this add
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Featured on VikiTech - [link]

I like this app and am using it. ;)
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Cool, Thanks! I have used it on every OS ever since Windows 98SE, when I made the app.
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:) You should have uploaded it here earlier ;)
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Yeah, say by a Decade!
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Nice app!!
You're using Custopack of Gaia 2010..
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Yep! And I love Custopack! there needs to be more available skins for it! And Gaia is growing on me, nice, simple style :D
deeprana94's avatar
Me too
I like Frost...
Sadly, I can't get it to work with Windows 7 64 bit Ultimate
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that is what it was wrote on. If it does not work with your machine, dont worry. You can always use Minibin, another app that does what mine does.
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