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So I had this idea. People wanted to change the available icons from my last two apps, STR and StBM, and I made it possible, but what if they did not like the app's Icon itself?

This is a small app that should be very popular with hackers, themers and customizers. You can specify an app, to have it's display Icon changed, then choose the new Icon, and click on "Replace Icon".

If your currently running the app, it wont let you do the change, then app that your changeing the icon on cant be running or in use, or else you will get a message letting you that it cant be done.

Now, for the only limitation. This is a VB6 app. That means that it can only use icons that are 24bit depth or lower. I am trying to make this app in .NET (or i will try some time soon) so that we can use up to 32bit depth support.

But as far as now goes, your limited to 24bit depth icons, sorry.
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i tried it for utorrent, but after successfully replaced icon, utorrent did not open,
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some, not many, apps are protected like that. Sorry. Your going to have to either re-download, or if you made a backup.exe, rename and use that.
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frikkin awesome dude :faint:
How do you actually revert to the original icon?
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If you left the "Backup before Replace" checkbox clicked, simply go to the folder, delete the file with the new icon, and find the file that has .bak at the end of the file name. Rename the file, just delete the ".bak" from the file name. Windows will ask you if you want to do this, click Yes / Ok / whatever it says. Now you have back the original file with the original icon.
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...points for gui, concept - motivation :eager:...critique for not writing that in .NET or anything else modern

Honestly, what is Your biggest issue with coding in .NET?
SuprVillain's avatar has a LOT of new things, and it can do so much it just fries my mind. I just need to take my time with it and get used to the new syntax i guess.

Also, VB has a runtime dependancy of about 9MB, as where .Net needs it's framework, and that is about 20MB, and there is .Net 1, 2, 3, 3.5, and now 4. If some one does not have the framework for the app that i wrote it's filesize increases alot, due to them having to download the framework.
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.NET 2.0 is standard now (since XP SP1 if I recall) - You can change targeted framework in project page to desired one.

On syntax - it is mostly the same - what gives You most struggle?
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almost all of it. I have tried importing some of my vb6 source code, code only, mind you, like classes and modules, and they dont work. I knew that there would be compatability problems, but that is redicilous.
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Example of module, class - its function - You tried to convert?
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no, i have not found a FREE vb6 to converter yet. Visual Studio 2008 is what i have.
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Meant what was function of what You tried to convert - did You use any API references, stream methods etc.
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yes to api references, and stream methods really confuse me.
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It's interesting how my name comes up relevantly in the preview :p
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Thanks! Glad that you like it!
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