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JumpPad 2.1 Download

By SuprVillain
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[UPDATE] Added in "Start with Windows" option... the one option that i keep on forgetting. I kept the zip file name the same so that people can download this newer version from websites that link directly to JumpPad.

Windows Vista and Windows 7, Aero required.

So after listening to many, Many suggestions, here is JumpPad 2.1

New Features:
* Startup Info-Splash screen. Only shows once.
* Customizable Icon Size.
* (Even) Better Icon and file association rendering.
* Improved memory management.
* Several Speed improvements.
* Fav folder. Right-click an icon/file to add it to your Faves.
* You can delete files from your Fav menu, with the right-click. Delete ONLY works in the Fav menu!
* Start menu is now a visible Item.

A note:
Even though JumpPad has been very much optimized, tweaked, and configured for the best app for the lowest amount of memory usage, please keep this in mind...

JumpPad does a LOT of graphics work behind the scene. To put it in layman's terms, every icon that you have it show, is, to some extent, a layer. Most people have about 100 apps on there PC. I myself have over 300, and that's with duplicate eliminations turned on (default, always on).

So Imaging opening up Photoshop, the Gimp, Paint.Net, whatever Graphics art app that you want, and starting a file, and doing 100 layers on that image. The app WILL start eating up memory.

While I have done a lot of research on how to best free up memory, the correct way to dispose of graphics as they are no longer needed, and several optimizing techniques, and having run JumpPad through two different Memory Leak detecting and optimizing apps... This is about as good as it gets.

The more files you have it show, the more RAM it will eat. that's just how it is. I have literally tried everything that I know to make it memory friendly.

For me, JumpPad runs about 20-50MB with consistent use, and limiting it to smaller folders.

Anyway, hope everyone likes 2.1! This will be the last independent JumpPad release, as it is getting code-merged with Harmony, and Harmony will inherit all of it's unique properties.

© 2011 - 2021 SuprVillain
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«★»«☆» I love deviantART!  Great App, I Love It...!  +fav  &  Added to my devWatch!  «★»«☆»«★» GOOD JOB...! Thumbs Up «☆»«★»
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Thanks :D But I no longer support it as how I do not use Windows any more, so that is the final version.
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any way how to show a custom folder??? when i use it its always show my startmenu icon.. and its look so mess for me... i just want to show my custom folder.. help me please?
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click the upper-right hand green check mark, and choose a button to assign a folder. when you do so the folder chosen will now show up on the left-hand side of the items.
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Hey I wish to make it a Shortcut to Activate it Instead of Mouseover.. Is this Possible?
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sadly no, it is not, however, you can use the control panel's properties to shrink the mouseover size. Just reduce the "Hotspot" pixel size.

That IS a good idea though.
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Support for more than six folders, please?

Also, does this only work with shortcuts, or can we manually add the actual program's .exe to the JumpPad?

Custom icon support?
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It would be wonderful if u added some tutorials for computer amateurs like me...
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Best advice i can give? Download vb Express (or c#, however, VB is easier to read and understand), and start playing around in the IDE. Thats exactly how i learned. Except i did it in DOS, with QBasic.
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Gosto muito deste produto facilita muito para ter o ambiente de trabalho limpo....
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Obrigado Estou feliz que você gosta ... (by Google Translate)
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How can I uninstall this JumpPad?
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If you downloaded it from here, then just delete the folder. I know that Jumppad comes with a Skin Pack now, if you installed it that way, then re-run the installer, and if it lets you, have it remove it.

JumpPad has no real "install" files, the whole folder is self contained, so just deleting the folder should work for both ways.

Was there something wrong with it? Did you not like it?
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Can you make one where you can choose your own folders because it takes a long time to load start menu. and instead of dim background can you make it blur out AND dimmed? And can you make a version that has icons with more spacing like in the real launchpad? I know i'm asking for a lot of stuff. Thank-you for your great work, solo-dev!
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Not promising anything, but we will see.
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Hi evan the JumpPad download on this site my norton says it has a virus can you check this file because someone might have messed with it thats why the maker of Lion Skin Pack 8.0 64 bit downloaded this file for his theme so I would take this file of this site and re upload it Again OK thank you for all your help Simon Foster
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ok, i just re-compiled the app from scratch, and as how i just re-formatted my computer no more than a few days ago, i can promise you that it is virus free. If Norton says something, then it is showing a false-positive, and you can ignore it.

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Hi can you help me I installed Lion Skin Pack 8.0 64 bit my norton says that JumpPad has a virus OK thank you for all your help Simon Foster
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If Lion skinpack installs it, and has an option for what to install, dont install it using that. Download what i have here and just unzip it and thenput it in it's own folder. Those skinpacks use a type of compression tech to make the files smaller, and some antiviruses register them as a virus.

Plus, your installing secondhand from some one else's machine, and your trusting that the point of the themepack's origin was 100% virus and malware free, thats not safe, it is usually best to download from the site and do it yourself.
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Ummm everytime I try to run it keeps saying I need to download a certain NET Framework. What is this and where can I download it?
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it is most likley telling you to get 3.5, although it may be saying 4.0.
see here.

This page links to .Net 4, however, if you need one of the prior versions, look at the bottom of the page, listed under "Prior Versions"

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It'd be great to display the name of the shortcut too
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