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AeroCommand - r2

Seeing as how i have been on a huge "Aero" trip, this only made sense for me to throw my hat in to the ring...
So Yes, i know that there is several apps that "aero" the command window, but they all still have the rectangle of the main cmd still visible.

So i am giving you a Seamless Aero Command launcher. It stays in memory just long enough to Aero the Command window, then it exits out, so there is 0 memory footprint for this app.

The app Still May or May not catch the launching of cmd.exe, but i tweaked the code a bit, and i sucessfully launched 13 "aero" command windows, so that is better than what it was!

:icondevrexster: has also develop an app like this, a command line utility that lets you specify the app that you want to Aero.
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i dont have it any more, lost in a format, sorry.
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Lol I have 50 instances of your command prompt open, and none of them are Aero X.x
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i wish i could help you, have you tried updating your graphics card drivers? If Aero is enabled, then it will show up as aero, so it sounds as if your having some other problem.
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Yeah I have no idea what the issue is. I'm going to strangle Bill Gates!! I always have Aero enabled, I love it to death! I have the latest ATI Catalyst, graphics drivers from ATI, windows updates, even the latest bios, lol. I might try copying the CMD from my laptop. Anywho, I think you're right, and the problem will eventually surface. Thank you for the effort you put into the aero community, and God Bless. <3
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Maybe I'm doing it wrong, but I downloaded your file and when I run it, it's not glass at all. It's regular ol' Windows 7 Ultimate 32bit.

Upon first run, it does the "Are you sure you want to open" thing, but I learned to go to properties and press Unlock or whatev.

I hope to see this program in action. :)
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It looks nice in the screenshot.
Linux rocks for this sort of thing- especially some of the alternate GUI's.
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i dont mean to cause problems but there is a working program for this called glasscmd you get it on here maybe the developer can help you
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i know of glasscmd. please download and try ACMD2 [ [link] ]. it is much better. It is a console emulation, and it can do pretty much everything that the console (cmd) can do.
On my windows 7 x32 i also can only get it to work if i open the program a second time. if i just open it is as usual. You have to work a little :strong: to be better. Keep up the good work though!
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yea on my windows 7 x64 i also can only get it to work if i open the program a second time. if i just open it once it has a black back ground.
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Did not work on my windows 7 x86 box but after smoe time with google I found an app that lets you add aero/transparency to everything even windows xp. A simple freeware application called Glass2k, just google it and you will find it. Thanks for the app though.
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It works in my W7 x64 only when you open two instances of the app. The first will be aero-ed. But the latest one always black background.
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That is because it searches for the first instance of the cmd.exe. once it finds that window, it Aeros it, even if it is already Aero'ed.
Doesn't work. Win 7 x64.
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Windows 7 64...all seems to be working.

I have to agree with the scroll is a bit glaring

Excellence again; Friend
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yeah, if i can find a way to subclass it, then everything will be cool then.
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As always waiting patiently...
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any way to tackle the scrollbar tho ?? It looks odd doesnt it. Wud have ebeen nice if it got aero-ed too by dwm.
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I am trying to see if i can subclass it, so that the "space" in the scrollbar (not the arrows or the button) is Aero also
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everything aero everything transparent :=) your aero programs use on the transparent pc :=)) this here [link]
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i dont see the video anywhere, can you link it to me?
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