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So i made a Cmd.exe "emulator", it can pretty much do everything that cmd can do. Because the original AeroCommand that i made has this huge ability to NOT go Aero and make people mad, i made this.

I put on the app an icon baised toolbar, hover the mouse over the icon for a description of what the icons do.

Before anyone says so, i did not find a way to subclass the scrollbar in to being Aero colored on the non button areas.

Like normal, this looks best against a dark colored background.

NOTE!!! If you have Previously downloaded the app, and it did NOT look fully Aero, Then click on the options button (paintbrush) and choose "Aero" then save. you may have to exit out then start again, but mine went right to Aero once i did that. This is because i *forgot* the config.ini file for the app... My Bad!

The file is now included in the zip file, so that all users will now have the "Aero" theme by default, instead of the NotePad look by default. END NOTE!!!!!

This project took up WAY to much time IMHO, almost a full day. I hope that everyone likes it.
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the same to ~zume...