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Paradise Gothic - characters by supremetechgoddess Paradise Gothic - characters by supremetechgoddess
Marcus Weaver (Azriel) - 17 year old high school kid currently playing the lead in his school's production of Macbeth. The show is about to get more interesting, however, because Marcus getting his photo in the paper has attracted the attention of some of his father's old enemies.

What Marcus doesn't know is that his father was a very powerful and famous necromancer, and that "Paradise Valley" has a dark secret - when the sun goes down, the town is full of the undead.

Jesse - One of the techies working on the production of Macbeth, Jesse has been involved in theater for a long time (A VERY LONG TIME). She died in 1981 and has haunted the theatre ever since. Marcus first hears about the ghost from his friend Sam, but doesn't believe she exists until he actually sees her.

Jesse was a student when Jacob was at school, so she knows a little bit more about Marcus's family than Marcus does. She can't leave the theatre where she died, but Jesse can be persuaded to share a little information for a few doughnuts.

Lynn Weaver - Marcus's mother, Lynn is the "mother" of the now-defunct three witches. She had a breakdown when Marcus's father died and has since avoided any involvement with the occult. She has also avoided telling Marcus the truth of what happened to his father.

Mrs. C (Zilla Marie Carmichael) - The "crone" of the three witches, Mrs. C runs a local occult store and is always ready to offer the kids (Marcus, Sam and Tabitha) some help. Marcus accidentally brings her husband's spirit back from the dead when he attempts to resurrect his cat, Jeremy.

Sam - Marcus's best friend, the sound tech working on Macbeth. Has the ability to see ghosts.

Tabitha - Lady Macbeth in the play, Tabitha is the "maiden" of the three witches, rash and headstrong. She is older than she looks and does not like pretending to be a high school student, but has been asked to protect Marcus by Mrs. C.

Amat Nur "The Scourge of Seven Continents" - The Ushabti (servant) of Caine, Jacob Azriel's greatest enemy. Amat Nur killed Azriel and has come to Phoenix to kill Marcus, finishing her master's work. Amat Nur is very, very evil. She was bound by Caine many thousands of years ago. She currently has the body of an Indian woman in her early thirties, however - Amat Nur originated in Egypt many thousands of years ago.

Miranda Prospero - Miranda was a friend of Jacob Azriel's ancestor (Zechariah Azriel). She is the daughter of Shakespeare's wizard, Prospero, and very powerful in her own right. Her Ushabti is the air elemental, Arial, first captured by her father. Arial is currently in the form of a pure white crow. Miranda notes that Shakespeare "didn't get the facts straight" but admits that she enjoyed his play anyway.

Jacob Azriel - A very powerful necromancer. He's the father of Marcus and the descendant of a famous renaissance heretic/wizard, Zechariah Azriel.

Ozmandias - An Ushabti created by Zechariah Azriel, belonging to Jacob and gaining free will upon his death. Ozmandias is an earth elemental in the form of a man in his forties. Since he was never specifically "passed" to Marcus, Ozmandias currently lives with Miranda Prospero. He doesn't yet know of Marcus's existence.

Faye - Works at a gas station on the highway in the middle of nowhere. Is actually a rogue fey, who likes fast cars, smoking, drinking, and guys with nice tans. Django randomly hooks up with her at the gas station, expecting never to see her again, but when Amat Nur shows up, Faye contacts Mrs. C and warns her that "The Scourge" is back. Amat finds out that Faye is a friend of the witches and tries to kill her, but Django stops her.

Caine - Amat Nur's master, Caine is a very old necromancer who may or may not actually be human. All that anyone knows is that Caine was around at the time of Zechariah and maybe even before. Caine is definitely evil, possibly even more evil than Amat. What he's up to, no one knows.

Django Morales "Coyote" - Django is actually The Coyote. He likes women and good times. Generally he's a friend to everyone (if something of a trickster), but he is very afraid of Caine and by extension, Amat Nur. Amat seems to think that she is much more powerful than Coyote, which would explain why she continues to order him around even after he tries to kill her. However, Coyote's true loyalties lie with the "good guys" - and if he sees an opportunity to get rid of Caine (without getting himself killed), he'll take it in a heartbeat.

Not pictured:

Jeremy (Mr. Walter Carmichael) - Marcus's first attempt at necromancy. He tries to bring back his pet calico cat which was run over by a car but brings back the spirit of his next-door neighbor instead. This technically makes Mr. Carmichael/Jeremy Marcus's ushabti (see Ozmandias).

Deacon - Tabitha's boyfriend, a werewolf, unfortunately trapped in wolf-form thanks to Caine.
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These are very interesting characters! You drew them well too! :D
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