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I-Pod Sketches - Chaos Realm By Popular Demand by supremetechgoddess I-Pod Sketches - Chaos Realm By Popular Demand by supremetechgoddess
Sadly, this photo is crap-tastic but I did actually draw what was requested. It's a crowd of Chaos Realm characters doing what they do best - creating chaos.

From top left:
Ruveus, stoner dragon (me)

Eric (Teyame), omnicidal God of Time (me)

Caine, accidental dimension traveler (Rachel, aka. Kianah Saro) - The thought bubble says "Wings, wings, wings". Caine has been wanting wings for a long time, and seems in danger of falling in this picture.

Phineas Merlin, crazy wizard/alchemist. Speech bubble says "Jellybean". This is a long-running CR joke. (me)

Artemis Ravencroft, the boss (me)

Cecillia, sound mage/assassin/fox girl (Crystal, aka. Plothole Tsi)

Tai Mariel, mage/Epic Adventurer/stoner/lunatic (M, aka. The Almighty M)

Raine, Duchess/Honorary Gangster and Mythril (pet ether raptor)
(Tech, aka.Harlequin Rein)

Mad Mack, dimension-hopping gangster with Epic Level Luck and the ability to Infinite Improbabilify anything around him. (me)

Brego Teva, drunken master skunk (Sarahbob)

The Druid (Corwin) - Can't remember his name, but the poor guy really wanted his breakfast. Which is why there is bacon and eggs on his head.

Akasha Damina, whore extraordinare (Andrew)

- Putting money into her bra - Elhilom Ithraedol aka. "Panther"
Super Thief, Badass and also whore (me)

Mouse, super-strong force of chaos (Candy)

Alexander "Cyrano" O'Neil. Guy with giant magnetic sword, big smile and absolutely no clue (Chris, aka. Michael_Demiurgos)

I swear, when I get my scanner home - I will scan this so you can see the detail!

These are some lousy I-Pod photographs of the numerous pencil drawings which have piled up in my living room. My camera connection cords and my scanner are both at work. Really need to bring my crap home - as soon as we can afford to buy new equipment for the museum.
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supremetechgoddess Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2012
The rope just seemed like a good place to have Cecillia hanging. Especially with Caine hanging off the other side of the balloon. The two of them can have a long talk about what's wrong with everyone else over some drinks later. Lol. When I get my scanner back, I really need to get some of these images redone. Stupid work needing my scanner....
Plotholetsi Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2012  Professional General Artist
oh god the pomegranites! Which reminds me. I'm a little sad Ropes didn't make it in :)
kianahsaro Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2012
LOL Yes, Caine must have his wings! XD
supremetechgoddess Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2012
The bag next to Raine says "Petrified Pomegranates" which is also a long-running CR joke. Whacking anyone with the burlap sack containing The Petrified Pomegranates of Doom is likely to render them unconscious. Because time travel is hilarious, and so is a sack of 5 million year old pomegranates when used as a melee weapon...
maecentric Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Great. Very lively!
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March 31, 2012
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