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Exalted - War Council by supremetechgoddess Exalted - War Council by supremetechgoddess
Have Exalted on the brain lately, since I have been writing a fan-fic (GASP?!)

For the uninitiated, Exalted is a pen-and-paper RPG by White Wolf. Players are demigods in a vaguely Chinese/Japanese world setting with a very "Greek" mythology (Gods, Primordial monsters and God-blooded heros with super-dramatic tragic flaws - like Hercules).
One part post-apocaylptic anime and one part samurai drama - raptors flying F-14s, that sort of thing.

Granted, what I am working on is not exactly fan fiction because it contains only two canon characters... who appear very briefly - but there you have it.

I have also been plugging away at some CR stuff, but that will be much further out. I think I should have a chapter or so by the end of the month.

The Exalted story which goes with this picture is the one that I have posted today. I don't know if it will ever be finished, but I've enjoyed writing it.

This "War Council" features four of my characters -

Rai Jin - a Wind Aspect "Dragonblooded" and commander of a Wyld Hunt (hunting "Anathema" - Lunars, Solars, Demons)

Cathak Loren - a "mortal" who is one of Rai Jin's officers (a very rare thing). Unknown to Rai Jin - he's not actually a mere mortal, but an uber-powerful Dawn Caste Solar.

Silvermane - a full moon Lunar (lion) and commander/father of an army of lion beastmen who are killing Fair Folk. Is also being hunted by Rai Jin, at least until this meeting.

Amira - a changing moon Lunar (wolf), and second in command of Silvermane's army. Is Loren's secret lover.
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