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Evolution - Panther by supremetechgoddess Evolution - Panther by supremetechgoddess
To go along with my current journal entry, I snagged a bunch of images out of my files that I think show how certain characters have changed over the years.

Also, DAMN has my drawing ability improved!

2000 - Panther was a totally flat character. He was a cat demon played once in a D&D game as an NPC.

2001 - I write Panther into The Immortals, basically exactly like he appeared in our RP. He ends up with a wife (which he acquired by losing a poker game), a reputation for womanizing and a drinking problem. He's now Artemis's uncle, but at this time demons don't have a uniform appearance, so he's always described like a cat. Towards the end of 2001 I scribble a picture trying to make Panther and Artemis look like "family". An idea occurs to me.

2002 - Panther becomes Elhilom Ithraedol. He's described as a shapeshifter, which explains his cat appearance. Start emphasizing his "student/teacher" relationship with Artemis, which changes some of their conversations considerably. Artemis thinks Panther doesn't know shit, but he's four times her age, which certainly means something.

2003 - I start thinking about Elhil's relationship with his brother and also his wife. I decide that he has a nasty sibling rivalry with his brother (Mom's favorite versus Dad's favorite) and that he really loves his wife (just has an impulse control problem). I toy with the idea of him having kids... originally three, and then deciding to keep just one. Felix immediately becomes my obsession.

2004 - I start considering how Elhil became a gangster. I decide that he's... an "artist" or at least that's how he sees himself. I start to see him reading trashy romance novels and being excessively idealistic at the same time that he's trying to live the life which is expected of him as a demon prince. I write a lot more about Felix.

2005 - I decide to write Elhil's story. It takes me two days to write, six months to type. Elhil is officially my favorite character. I don't think of him as "Panther" any more.

2006 - So much stuff added to "Wanderers" that the book becomes inordinately cumbersome. Decide that Elhil knows Artemis is the Goddess of Chaos, and that he's also discovered the secret that any of the Gods would kill for - how to escape the World. I'm reminded very much of a "Coyote" archtype - a character who's simultaneously good and bad, but more good than bad, even if he's not above playing some nasty tricks.

(2007-08) - Looking back, what I like best about this character is how versatile he is. Whereas Artemis is predictable to a fault, Elhil can be what he needs to be on a situational basis. He can lose control, but he's fantastically good at bouncing back regardless of the circumstance and serving as a mentor, not only for Artemis, but also for Raphael and the younger generation of Chaos Realm's Traversers.

He's a sleaze and a screwball, but you can't help but like the guy once you've seen inside his head.
kianahsaro Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2008
Out of all the characters you've created, the two I like the most are Panther and Felix. I like Erye, too, and what you've done to her for your stories, but the two "cats" are by far my favorites!
Plotholetsi Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2008  Professional General Artist
you're right in your comparison of artemis to panther- I notice a much large amount of change between early panther and late panther then early artemis and late artemis. Man I need to jump into reading fiction, but I haven't had the time...
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