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Evolution - Artemis by supremetechgoddess Evolution - Artemis by supremetechgoddess
To go along with my current journal entry, I snagged a bunch of images out of my files that I think show how certain characters have changed over the years.

Also, DAMN has my drawing ability improved!

2000 - Artemis was a serious Mary Sue character. She didn't start out as a "demon", but she was still a sorcerer and a military commander, and a dimension traveler and also immortal. Initially, she didn't have a love interest (although Raphael was still the Emperor of the Realm) or a tortured past. That came later.

2001 - I wrote "The Immortals". Artemis became a villain who ends up being a good guy and ends up falling for Raphael, who at this point is a very flat, boring character. Artemis kept all of her ridiculous powers, but I decided to emphasize that these powers make her WEIRD and then decided to go all-out and call her the incarnation of a Goddess.

2002 - I start playing with the idea of what it's like to BE a bad guy, and why Artemis has such a difficult time being "good". Also, I work on emphasizing her "dislikable" traits. I decide that she is extremely vain, short-tempered... and well, also somewhat bonkers.

2003 - More work on relationships with other characters, not just Raphael. Putting Artemis into a world with other people in it starts to help with the "totally flat" character. Work

2004 - Artemis's back story. Brain came very close to exploding at this point. At the same time I started thinking about writing Wanderers, and got a much better idea of how the Old World works, and what it's like to be a "God".

2005 - Tried a lot of weird experimental drawing. Thought about softening Artemis up a little, and then went the other direction completely. Artemis officially becomes a lunatic - except she doesn't know she is one. A lot of emphasis on how totally dysfunctional she is as a character. Decided to kill her off at the end of the series.

2006 - Revisted and rewrote Immortals in Sardegna with Chris. I like it better now, but I'm only just starting to see where it still needs work. Wrote a lot more on Artemis's relationship with Raphael - it's not "love at first sight" - it's partly Artemis's own "directing" of the world which she does unconsciously, being a Goddess. Things work out conveniently for her because she forces her will on them, but at some point she'll no longer be able to have things the way she wants when the other Gods join forces against her.
However, Raphael has another reason for being drawn to Artemis (besides that she's a Goddess). He's her "stability", and she's his freedom.

(2007-08) - Looking back, I realize that the more unbalanced and emotionally fragile this character has become, the more I "get" her. If I were to psychoanalyze myself, I'd say that this is because subconsciously, I'm deathly afraid of failure myself.

I'm reminded of Monty Python's black knight:

"I'm invincible!"

To which King Arthur responds:

"You're a looney."

So sad, so true...
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