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Baal by CGlas
Hinata Uzumaki by TXMart94
Adult Naruto, Sakura, Sasuke | Ninja Tribes Art by DP1757
EXACTING REVENGE - CODE (BORUTO) by NarutoDrawingChannel
Queen Zelda Coronation by yaminokuni
Ace by learick1999

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Tsunade by TUREwindwalker
Blue Flame Boi by TubSlab
One Punch man 149 - Hot Summer by UmGarotoAew
Black Clover-Spirit Dive Noelle by OneHoox
One Piece 1018 by MavisHdz
Ultear - Fairy Tail 335 by IITheLuciferII
Bleach // Toshiro Hitsugaya by JohnnyAzad
One Piece cover redraw challenge by rymslm
Gogeta Ultra Instinct Dragon Ball Heroes by d4nartss
Clone of Jiraiya by JazylH
Kakashi Poster by Ginmaart
itachi uchiha-FANART :D by xdtopsu01
Commission : Piccolo Jr (Dragon Ball Z) by Deyvidson
Commission: Ishida Uryuu (Bleach) by Deyvidson
Black Clover 305-Spirit of Euros by OneHoox
Atau Rindo | Bleach: No Breathes from Hell - Color by StayAlivePlz
One Piece 1025 - Y quien es este Dragn? by Melonciutus
One Piece 1025 : Luffy et Momonosuke VS Kaido by END7777
Akatsuki Road To Ninja by XxSasukeUchihaxX17
One Piece Chapter Gol d Roger vs Whitebeard Anime by Amanomoon
Akagami no Shanks by DEIVISCC
Fairy tail 545 by k9k992
Teacher Yoko by OlchaS
Altear by YiQiang

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RaidenShogun by TUREwindwalker
Lucy Heartfilia by IzharDraws
Naruto family by Sergeyleg
NejixTenten NSFW Preview by sayuri94watanabe
Sakura Haruno and Sasuke Uchiha Fanart by shinigamimel

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Izayoi Touga Inu no kimi by sayuri94watanabe
Shirahoshi - One Piece ep 531 by Berg-anime
Uzumaki family by Yusakupham7
Midnight and Mount Lady doing cute and sexy poses by BigE365
Witch Regret stitch - Edens Zero ep 8 by Berg-anime
Kakashi Hatake et Satoru Gojo by END7777

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Miruko Jack-o Challenge Set by Montteiro

Mature Content

[NUDE] Makima by NaaN-AnA

Mature Content

Evelynn comic page 3 by dakube18
Asta and Luck - lineart by irych7
Naruto's smile - lines + bases by irych7
Dragon Ball Multiverse : Uub ultime kaioken by Crakower
Unohana(Bleach2021) by Mantis-F
study#23 by kurumaiart
That Pent-up feeling... - Isou Doubaku Lines by sasori-sanin
Cirno by VELCIUS
Mia #2 (oc) | Twitch Commission by StayAlivePlz
Inosuke-smirk gif by CeHamato
December Rewards by Deyvidson
Hinata like Terry Bogard 03 by gekkodimoria
Chibi Sayu - Genshin Impact by mangaxai
DWOAH: Inosuke Hashibira vs JinnoDeadliest warriors of all historyInosuke Hashibira vs JinnoBeasts into cosplayInosuke Hashibira info:Height: 5 foot 3Weight: 138lbsWeapons: Bare Hands, Dual Nichirin SwordsStrengths: As the inventor and sole practitioner of the Beast Breathing Art Inosuke was one of the most deadly new recruits to the Demon Slayer Corps, Superhuman strength (Scales to Tanjiro who cut a several foot thick boulder in half, Constantly matches and even out strengths the Demons he fights, Effortlessly cut off the roof of a train, Can headbutt through thick wooden doors, Can punch people through walls), Superhuman durability (Survived being thrown off of a cliff as a baby, Kept fighting after having his ribs broken during his first fight with Tanjiro, Shrugs off beatings from Demons, Was once punched by the Spider Father Demon so hard it sent him literally pinballing through the trees and shrugged it off, Fought the Spider Father Demon whilst suffering from several broken ribs and a concussion), Massively hypersonic speeds/FTL reactions (Can be considered to be one of the fastest characters in the series, Regularly speed blitzes Demons), Extreme stamina (Survived Kyogai’s Drum House for three days straight without sleep), Is extremely flexible inside and out (Can be considered a master contortionist, Can even shift his organs around at will), Has an accelerated healing rate (Slept off a severe concussion and broken ribs in several hours), Possesses a superhuman sense of touch (His sense of touch is so powerful he can feel subtle vibrations in the air to the point that it’s borderline radar), Has a willpower strong enough to chase an intruder out of his own subconscious, Is a Master Swordsman.Weaknesses: Is extremely headstrong and never plans ahead, Is illiterate, Can never remember people's names.Jinno info:Height: 6 foot 6Weight: 145lbsWeapons: Dual Katanas, SandalsStrengths: Once one of Afro Samurai’s closest friends Jinno became one of his greatest enemies after Afro killed their Master, Superhuman strength (Matched Afro with ease and is even possibly stronger than him, Kicked one of his sandals so hard that it broke Afro’s Katana sheath and sent Afro through several rock formations, Can jump dozens of feet), Superhuman durability (Withstood blows from Afro Samurai, Survived what should have been a fatal blow and was ‘reborn’ as a Cyborg), Hypersonic speed (Can match Afro Samurai), Possesses incredible pain tolerance (Never showed any signs of pain or even discomfort no matter how severe of a wound was inflicted upon him), Superhuman agility (Has agility on par with Afro), Is a Master Swordsman.Weaknesses: His obsession with his revenge on Afro can cloud his mind.Battle begin!The snow crunched under Jinno’s sandals as the Samurai walked through the mountain forest, his breath coming out in vapor clouds from under his Teddy Bear mask as he travelled through the night, only stopping at the sound of violence coming a few hundred yards ahead of him prompting him to place a hand on one of his Katana’s hilts.Readying himself as the trees and bushes began to shift and rustle Jinno began to draw his Swords when the severed head of a Demonic looking humanoid came flying through the trees, the expression on its face being that of shock and anger as it bounced along the ground before crumbling to dust.Watching as the head disappeared Jinno then looked up as someone else emerged from the trees, a short well built shirtless teenager striding through the trees armed with two Katana Blades that had the sharp edges notched to make an almost Saw-like edge, what stood out most however was the Boar’s Head the teenager wore like a mask.“Hey! Tall guy!” the Demon Slayer called out pointing one of his Nichirin Blades at the Samurai “you look strong...fight me!” he demanded, his blood still boiling from his fight with the Demon.Settling both his hands on the hilts of his Katana’s Jinno uttered a simple warning “it will be your end boy”.In response Inosuke let out an almost giddy cackle, his grip on his Nichirin hilts tightening as he then crossed his arms over his chest “FIGHT ME!!!” he bellowed as he then launched himself at Jinno with a Second Fang: Slice attack.As Inosuke slashed at him in an X shaped pattern Jinno drew both of his Katana’s to block the attack, the impact of the Blades making a small shockwave which moved the branches of the trees around them as sparks flew between the Weapons “ are strong!” Inosuke gasped before letting out another giddy cackle “Fifth Fang: Crazy Cutting!”.Breaking the Weapons lock Inosuke turned into a flurry of slashes and slices, his arms moving so fast they became borderline blurs as he launched himself at Jinno to which the Samurai went on the defensive, moving his arms almost as fast as Inosukes but fast enough to block each of his strikes, each attack making Jinno take a step back as he focused everything into defending himself.Clashing his Swords hard against Jinno’s again Inosuke suddenly dropped down extremely low, bending his knees and back until his head was nearly touching the dirt before springing forward to slam straight into the Samurai’s gut with the force of a cannonball, making Jinno wheeze as the air was borderline crushed out of his lungs and he felt his intestines nearly burst from the impact as it then sent him flying back to crash into a tree.Sliding down the tree Jinno then quickly ducked to avoid Inosuke lunging for him again as the Demon Slayer swung both his Swords outwards in a horizontal double slash, the Nichirin Blades cutting cleanly through the tree to send it crashing down.Losing the ears of his Mask from the slice Jinno loosened one of his sandals and as Inosuke jumped back to lunge again the Samurai kicked out to send the sandal flying into Inosuke’s stomach with enough force to make him fold completely in half, his forehead slamming to his knees as he wheezed from the crushing hit before he fell to the ground clutching at his now heavily bruised abs.Moving to stand Jinno then lunged forward stabbing both of his Katana’s downwards to impale Inosuke only for the younger man to swiftly roll out of the way and spring to his feet “you!” he wheezed pointing at the Samurai whilst still clutching his stomach with his free hand “you’re strong! Real strong! Tell me your name so I can remember it!” he demanded “mine is Inosuke Hasbibira! REMEMBER IT!”.Eyeing the teenager as he gripped his Katana hilts tighter the Samurai eventually relented to his demand “Jinno”.Letting out another giddy laugh Inosuke readied himself again setting his combat stance, Jinno doing the same before Inosuke rushed forward with a Fourth Fang: Slice ‘n’ DIce attack, slashing his Blades in repeated diagonal attacks forcing JInno on the defensive again, focusing solely on blocking every attack from the Demon Slayer as he loosened the sandal on his other foot.Waiting for an opening Jinno then swung his leg upwards to send his sandal straight to Inosuke’s head, the blow lifting him off of his feet from the crushing hit to his head which slightly cracked his skull, Jinno then adding to the hit with two horizontal slashes across Inosuke’s abdomen before kicking him away sending him crashing through the trees, bouncing off of each one like a pinball.Rushing after him Jinno quickly caught up and as Inosuke rebounded into the air again Jinno thrust one of his Katanas forward to impale the Demon Slayer through the stomach and sticking him to a tree behind him.Sighing as he felt his Katana stop deep in the thick trunk of the tree Jinno looked through the eyes of his mask and through the eyes of Inosukes “it’s over, you fought well” he sighed only for Inosuke to let out a small pained laugh.“Don’t underestimate the suppleness of my body” Inosuke almost giggled as he then surprised Jinno by suddenly kicking outwards with both legs, forcing the Samurai to release his Sword to which Inosuke slowly pulled it out of his body “even moving my organs around is childsplay to me!” he explained, having reacted the split second before the Katana had pierced his body to shift his intestines out of the way.Once the Katana was free from his abdomen Inosuke threw it aside before ‘sheathing’ his own Blades down the back of his pants since he lacked sheathes for them, the Demon Slayer then positioning himself in an extremely low combat stance, much lower than a normal man should have been able to set himself further showing off his extreme flexibility.Reduced to a single Katana Jinno set another defensive stance, it had been a long time since he had used only a single Sword and it showed in his stance, too tight, too defensive for a single Katana, his muscles tensing almost painfully as he waited for Inosuke to make the move so that he could repost.With a twitch of his ankles Inosuke was suddenly off, darting to the side of Jinno before he could react to deliver a haymaker to the side of his knee making his leg buckle and leaving him over to a left hook to his ribcage, the satisfying crunch of his bones breaking egging Inosuke on to jump up to deliver several punches to Jinno’s head through his mask before following up by spinning around to land a roundhouse kick straight to his face, the force of it tearing through the teddy bear mask and ripping it clean off of the Samurai’s head.Landing a few feet away Inosuke looked up to see Jinno’s face, shocked to see metal tubes and piping jutting out of his skull showing off his Cyborg anatomy “whoa! You’re made of metal! Are you a Demon?!”.Annoyed by Inosuke’s words Jinno stabbed the tip of his Sword into the dirt before slicing forwards sending a wave of dirt straight into Inosuke’s face, his mask preventing it from going in his eyes but the eye ‘visors’ still got completely covered to limit his vision.Exclaiming in anger as his vision was obscured, Inosuke went to wipe his ‘visors’ leaving himself open for Jinno to dash towards him to make a sweeping strike at the Demon Slayer’s neck line.Just as his Blade was about to meet Inosuke’s neck through he lifted one of his Blades to block the strike, shocking the Samurai as Inosuke kicked him back “you think I need to see you? I can feel everything on this mountain!” he declared “my sense of touch is just that great!”.Then as if to prove his declaration Inosuke went back on the attack without cleaning his mask visors, relying entirely on feeling the air currents around him on his skin to make a perfect white on black image of the area around him, every movement Jinno made to defend himself being perfectly shown in the Demon Slayers mind.As Inosuke effortlessly blocked and deflected a Katana swing from him Jinno jumped forward to deliver a kick to his face only for Inosuke to duck under it and strike with a Sixth Fang: Palisade Bite, swinging both Nichirin Blades up and down to nearly slice Jinno’s leg clean off above and below the knee sending the pieces of the limb falling to the dirt.Spinning around on his remaining heel Jinno remained stoic through the pain as he spun around to swing at Inosuke’s neck again, his attack once again getting deflected before Inosuke followed up with a Second Fang: Slice attack, cutting Jinno’s Sword arm off in an X shaped fashion causing it to fall off at the elbow in several pieces.Jumping back as Jinno recoiled in surprise at the loss of his Weapon and arm Inosuke went for the finishing blow “Third Fang: Devour!!!” he roared as he lunged forward at blinding speed, passing by the Samurai whilst slicing both of his Nichirin Blades at Jinno’s neck, decapitating him in one clean motion and sending his head flying into the air, landing several metres away from his body.Exhaling hard enough to cause steam to burst out of the snout of his Boar mask Inosuke then sheathed his Blades with another giddy laugh “just wait til Monjiro hears I killed a metal Demon!” he beamed before taking off down the mountain.Winner: Inosuke HashibiraHuh, to think it’s taken me near a whole year to write another Demon Slayer battle.Anyway, why does Inosuke beat Jinno?Well to put it plainly in all things other than experience and intelligence Inosuke has Jinno beat in every other category, his natural strength puts Jinno to shame, his durability and ability to shift his vital organs around to avoid attacks means he could easily survive any attack from the Samurai and his speed is enough that Jinno would struggle to even keep his sight on the Demon Slayer throughout the battle.So in this battle of masked Dual Wielders the Boar gored the Bear.
Hinata Hyuga by LifeisaFiction
Shiva X Ifreeta by Emerald--Weapon
Boruto Uzumaki Wallpaper 2 [Naruto Mobile] by Maxiuchiha22
Hello to everybody.
Today I've submitted this article, in order to propose to you all about making our own preference about your favourite artwork and you favourite artist of this group. At the end of this survey, we will declare the best artist of 2016 of this group and the best artwork. The winner will achieve a special mark to being recognisable to everybody.
Here are the rules to partecipate to this survey.

Rule 1. The favourite artwork MUST be submitted into this group;
Rule 2. The preference time for the artwork 2016 will start from 20/01/2016 to 29/01/2016 at 17:00 am
Rule 3. When the ones who makes their choises about the artwork, the ones with more 5 preferencies, will be proposed to the group, the choice of best artwork 2016 will be among them.
Rule 4. The favourite artist MUST BE a member of this group;
Rule 5. The preference time for the best artist 2016 will start from 20/01/2016 to 29/01/2016 at 17:00 am
Rule 6. When the ones who makes their choises about their favourite artists, the ones with more 5 preferencies, will be proposed to the group, the choice of best artist 2016 will be among them.
Rule 7. The choice of the favourite artist and the most favourite artwork is not linked.
Rule 8. All preferencies must include the link of the artwork or the link of the artist's DA offical page.

Here some featured art.
Ahri - The Nine-Tailed Fox by chinchongcha
D.Va - Overwatch by chinchongcha
Night Stroll in Spirit Kingdom by chinchongcha
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