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I don't submit very often, probably one thing every month or so, maybe two. I'm not busy or have little free time like most people I've seen on DA. I just hate dealing with the lag on my laptop when using Photoshop. There's the fact that I barely use Photoshop these days and instead of making art, I'm watching anime, watching youtube videos, or playing video games. The art I do submit will be various stuff, not just mostly centered around one fandom. I do make written work, but I keep it in my since it's usually stuff meant for showing to specific people, not everyone.


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I definitely favorite things more than I make things.
  • Listening to: Xenoblade Chronicles Soundtrack - Frontier Village
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Taken from :iconsol-lar-bink:, but changed "OC" to "character" to include both original characters and fan characters. There's a difference between the two. Here's an explanation. Anyway, let's see how this goes!

[X] You have a character that resembles yourself.
Ohhh you bet your ass I do. Matter of fact, he's my Author Avatar.

[X] One of your characters has your name.
Aside from my Author Avatar, yes. For a handful, I used my surname.

[X] You have characters that are siblings.
I have plenty of them.

[ ] You are constantly drawing your characters.
:iconsulkplz: Yeah, I wish... Practice makes progress, and I've had very little practice these days.

[ ] You constantly receive positive feedback about one or more of your characters.
Shrug I can't really say since I keep most of them in I used to keep them there until they were complete, but now I keep them there becuase I prefer to have them in rather than in my main gallery.

Total: 3

[X] You have more than five characters.
I have 200+ characters. You may say "holy shit, bro, that's a lot," but I've seen people with waaaay more than me. Shit, I saw this one person who had at least 400 or 500 characters. 200+ is still a fuck-ton, I'll admit that, but it definitely ain't the biggest number out there.
:thinker: ...You know, while we're on the subject of how many characters I have, back in my Elementary/Middle School days, I had made a goal: make 1,000 characters. Sometimes I wonder if I'm making all these characters because I genuinely want to, or if I'm subconsciously trying to hit the 1,000 mark. I know I got further from that goal when I deleted all of my MLP FCs.

[X] Your characters are varied.
I always try to have variation between characters.

[X] You have a main character whom you love the most out of all your characters.
Currently, and I say "currently" because that's bound to change at some point like it did previously, I've got four characters — all original characters — tied for my favorite.

[X] Your characters are mostly mythical.
While I do have a plethora of humans, the majority of my characters are mythical creatures.

[ ] A lot of your characters were adoptables
I've never been interested in adoptables. I never saw the point of spending money on them when I can make a character myself and from scratch. I can guess why other people would be interested, but they're just not for me.

Total: 4

[X] You have a 'bad boy' or 'bad girl' character.
I have or two of them, maybe more. I definitely have some villainous characters, and I make sure they've gone over the Evil Overlord List.

[ ] You have a girly character.
I never bothered making one. I could, but it would feel weird. There are just some things I can't write.

[X] You have a 'cool' or 'sly' character.
Cool, sly, flirty, badass, large ham; you name it, I probably have it.

[X] You have a sporty character.
I have at least one, and his preferred sport is soccer.

[X] You have a fun character.

Total: 4

[ ] You have a lot of 'perfect' characters.
That depends on your definition of "perfect".

[X] You have a lot of 'imperfect' characters.
All of them are imperfect in some way, shape, or form.

[X] Most of your characters are part of a fandom.
I have about 35 original characters. Everyone else belongs to a fandom.

[ ] Most of your characters are non-fandom.

[X] You have a character that isn't straight.
I don't have any homosexual or bisexual characters, but I have at least one character who's asexual.

Total: 3

[ ] You have had a polished toy, framed art, etc. made of your character.
Fuck, that'd be awesome! I can imagine having a figurine of one of my characters. Man, if I had the money for it and knew someone or someplace that could do, hell yeah I'd throw money their way.

[X] You are constantly talking about your characters to friends.
They tend to come up during conversation.

[ ] The first thing you did on dA was make a character.
I can safely say that is not the first thing I did. I have no idea what I was doing when I was first on this website considering that had to be at least seven years ago.

[X] Your characters participate in a roleplay.
I don't use canon characters anyway since I prefer to use my own characters. I never was comfortable using characters that aren't mine. Speaking of roleplay, these days I don't roleplay at all. I'm usually playing Elsword, doing stuff, watching YouTube videos, watching anime and reading manga, wasting my life on, and so on.

[X] You have made your character in a game.
bunneh icon17 I tried, and got...close enough with some; others, not so much. Meanwhile, a handful of them started as characters I made in-game, and this can especially be said for Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies.

Total: 3

Grand Total: 14

Now multiply your grand total by 4

14 times 4 is 56, so I gues I'm 56% obsessed with my characters. :paranoia: It's probably more than that, but I say let's roll with 56%. If you want to take a shot at this, go ahead. As for me, it's 5:18 pm (East Coast time in the US) for me, and that means it's time for me to wrap this up and go do the raid boss in Elsword. I've spent enough time on this.


Raymond Brock
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Whether it be fandoms or original stories, I'm up for it. Send me a note or leave a comment, and we'll talk.

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