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Hi folks,

Alice has uploaded some more of her art. Some of it is A-level art, some is just practice work, and there's one of her requests up. Enjoy!

Current requests:
[Done] Owl for Fennic
[In progress] Otter for Fennic
[In progress] Thing for Edel
[In progress] Husky for Kcat
[In progress] Setter for Merlin

- Georgia, Alice's sister


Artist | Traditional Art
United Kingdom
This deviantART page is run by ~thetamar, the older sister of Alice. Alice is a 17 year-old girl in Britain who enjoys drawing cartoons as a hobby. Alice lacks confidence in her work and usually throws her pictures away after creating them.

Alice's sister decided that her art was too good for the bin, and set up this account so that Alice could start displaying her work and drawing requests for others.

This account is not checked regularly, so for a quicker response please note ~thetamar.


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