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This is a volunteer position as in any other group. Perks you might get are various, depends on what you're looking for. From gaining more exposure to discovering new amazing art and artists and all in between. So, if you're interested in joining our team please do let US know posting a comment on this journal.
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Chapter 1: The Black Tide TavernIn the deep dark abyss of the human mind, I twist and twine up to the surface; for not the breaking of the hull, but that of mortal backs sent flying, ever make for little amusement.All but one perished that day among the wreckage of the sinking Black Tide. In the freezing cold of the Black Sea's crashing waves, he clutched hold to broken off floor boards he once walked on.A bloody mess with his right eye gone, he would not survive much longer without the mercy of a god.By my whim alone, I offered him salvation with a gesture only fitting of a mad man. My tentacle reached out for him and he reached back. The pack was sealed in blood and he became forever on my servant.Once more high above the storm clouds I threw him. A roll of random chance for a random encounter.He washed up on the Western shore of Port Bell, under the docks, still clutching hold to the floor board. An old border collie found him and started to howl and whimper, getting the attention of a docked ship. The dock workers and fishermen first thought him dead, as he had severe scurvy and had a strong stench of decaying sea weed to mistake for the smell of death. A poke of a stick to his gut though, he turned over and let out a mouth full of salt water.He did not remember his name, due to amnesia, so he became known by the given nick name of the fishermen and dock workers.Scurvy Dog.No longer desiring the call of the sea, Scurvy Dog became a long time resident of the port. He worked odd jobs and over time earned enough to buy an old building near the dock. At first he had the place as just his home, but with quick wit and a silver tongue, he turn it into a prospering tavern.The unusual tavern was named after his former ship he once sailed under and the broken off floor board became the hanging tavern sign. They say on windless nights haunting footsteps can be heard just outside the front door.Port Bell itself was a tranquil place to live, the school children every day went off to school, the merchants in the market square, and the elderly on their front porch waiting for the day they would finally die, as they swear under their breath at the children for wasting their youth away. It was like time itself stopped with hardly any change at all.I loathed the place.One family in particular was the absolute worst. The Delamor family. Charles was a wine merchant, Laura was the classic house wife. The older sister Sarah was a dull, stuck up book worm, while her younger brother Lore at first glance, came off as an obese little shy boy that no one liked.Every day the children would go off to school and every day the other kids would bully Lore out on the playground or behind the school building. Lore was so weak that the ones bullying him, was the girls of his classroom. They slapped him and punched him, kicked him and scratched him at every chance. The other boys figured that Lore was so pathetic, that a punch or kick from them would kill him.Sarah would sit under the shade of a nearby oak tree and listen to her younger brother's screams of pain and agony, reading a romance novel. She at times would have an ever slight smile of satisfaction on her face, as she turned the page.Lore was a bloody mess on the ground, as the girls continued to kick him. The leader of the group was Veronica, the daughter of the mayor, which he was second cousin to the late king. So with royal bloodlines, Veronica felt entitled to do whatever she desired.Although it was hell itself on poor Lore, the boy still had a crush on the girl. Her beauty was that of golden locks and smooth angelic skin. He could not understand why she was so cruel to him.As Veronica laughed uncontrollable at Lore's misery, she began to cough and choke. She coughed out tentacles from her mouth, which made Lore's eyes widen in disbelief. Perhaps he thought the blows to his head was severe.From the back of Veronica's throat, Lore could glance tiny red glowing eyes stare back at him. The creature came out and sat on top of Veronica's head. Lore looked around and found that no one else could see the odd pink creature. “What a dreadful girl! I shall eat her first!”, said the marvelous creature.Lore reached out on the ground, begging to spare Veronica's worthless life. “Don't do it!”Veronica yelled back at Lore, “How dare you tell me what to do!”She punched out cold Lore and there he would remain until dusk.I could sense something stir deep from within him. Calling to be let out.The boy now intrigued me.As Lore got up alone off the ground, a dirty bloody mess, Lore started to walk home trying to figure out what he could ever say to his parents to explain away his dreadful appearance. It was then that he heard music and laughter coming from the Black Tide tavern. A piano key here, a gust of flute there, filled the air with sounds of joy.Lore limped over and peeked inside the open door.There was old man Scurvy Dog dancing like a fool, entertaining his patrons and some of the kids from his class, who sat on the ground clapping to the beat. After the music died down, Scurvy Dog planted himself on a wooden bar stool, taking out his pipe to smoke.“Now, what tale to send you off to bed with tonight, children?”, Scurvy Dog softly asked, as he lit a match for his pipe.One boy yelled out “The devouring giant!”Another boy cried out, “No the witch in the well!”Scurvy Dog smoked his pipe, “Oh so you don't want to hear a new tale, is that it?”The children became eager to hear it. “Please tell us!” they begged.A patron dim down the lights, as Scurvy Dog started his story, by weaving with his frail fragile finger tips within the smoke trails, three haunting ghostly apparitions. It floated just like specters as it moved across the room toward the children."Tonight will be the tale of the Banshee Sisters."
One Year Later ~ Pandemic ReflectionOn this April 4th of 2021, it is Easter Sunday 🐇 and I find myself sitting at the computer desk, with not much to do. It's been about 1 year since I published my last journal here - reading it over, I can't help but contrast now with last Spring. In April of 2020, I wrote that the United States had over 700,000 confirmed Covid-19 cases, with California being home to 30,000. Today, the US records 30+ million confirmed cases, with California holding over 3 million. Stark data...And so, I ask again, art friends, how you've been holding up, 1 year into this new normal? How has the past year and the pandemic changed your life, how you are planning your future? How are your families today? As for me, I remain rather optimistic. Hope is just an artist's nature. ,Last month, I participated in my first art exhibition since the pandemic started. I had the incredible opportunity to have my Audrey Hepburn portrait selected for a local gallery showcase.Thankfully, I've still been able to turn to art. Because as many of you know, dance is another love of mine, which I've actually not been able to do during this pandemic, nor have felt safe to return to doing just yet. I think I will probably wait at least until next year to resume dance classes. I miss it so!But one thing I don't miss, is the stress of last year - the unknown factor, that made every day so long and so difficult for us all. Last summer, I was promoted to a lead technologist position at the hospital, overseeing the radiology department in the evenings. Despite this honorable recognition, and very amazing experience, I chose to take the daunting step of climbing the career ladder, as I have always known that I was not keen on staying in x-ray forever. The way I see it, there is always more to learn, to do, to challenge oneself with, as opposed to staying at the minimal end of the spectrum, staying comfortable, and playing it safe.And in regards to radiology, there are just so many fields and directions you can ascend into. So, after taking a course in mammography, and passing my California state exam in mammographic radiologic technology, last December, I finally landed a new role as a mammography technologist ❤ No longer working in a hospital setting, I have since moved to an amazing outpatient center in Los Angeles County. While so many job offers required experience, they took a chance on me, accepting me to the team without any experience, and made the time to teach me everything from scratch, for which I will eternally be grateful. ,Essentially, my new job entails screening women for breast cancer and other breast pathologies. Mammography is quite a different profession compared to regular x-ray imaging; more intimate, and far greater responsibility. And it was one of the best Christmas presents that I've ever given myself. ,While I was initially nervous to make the move (because who isn't anxious about leaving the work they know how to do, for something completely new?), the transition has actually been rather wonderful and educational, and so worth it. Despite breast imaging being entirely new for me, challenging, but also rewarding, they say that I've a rare, natural talent for it. Very encouraging to my ears.And when I make small talk with my patients, we discuss the pandemic, and I hear about how so many families have been affected by Covid. I then reminisce about my days at my previous job, going into positive patients' rooms all of last year to perform chest x-rays, and just praying that I'd not come home with the virus. Somehow, I was spared. It almost feels unreal, and unfair, when you hear about so many others who were not. In January, I had the first dose of the Pfizer vaccine, a remedy both long-awaited, but also relatively quick to arrive, in my opinion. Again, I was one of the lucky ones, who experienced no side effects with either dose. And I can't urge enough how important it is to get vaccinated, friends. Don't be afraid. It is hopefully, for our own good. And the statistics are proving everyday, that combined with virus precautions, they work. Today, both my parents have also been vaccinated with their first doses, soon scheduled to have their second this month.It is emotional at times when I reflect on how blessed my family has been to finally make it to this day, and to be getting through this pandemic, which is all going to come to an end soon. I have not seen my cousins, or my aunts, uncles, and extended family members in well over a year, but at least we have Facebook to keep in touch. And we haven't formally dined at a restaurant, but at least we've been able to order takeout, supporting local restaurants. Haven't attended a movie theater since this all started, I guess watching Godzilla vs. Kong on HBOmax will have to do..However, I feel as though I have continued to still be grateful for what we do have. I never envisioned working in the healthcare industry under such intense conditions, but at least I am healthy, and I've remained employed. Yes, I have seen expired patients, but I have also witnessed remarkable recoveries, and met incredibly brave people along this journey. I never envisioned becoming a first-time homeowner, only to have to spend my first years inside my home under quarantine, but at least I am comfortable, and safe. We get to clean the house and be together enjoying every inch of it, the above-ground pool that I bought, the patio cover my dad made, and watch the grass and the vegetable garden that we planted grow.Such is the way the universe is; unpredictable and unplanned, and in every way, uniquely empowering, a beautiful discovery with what every new year brings. Wishing you all & your families a lovely Easter season ~ 🐤,
The Sweetest Rose-PrologueCassandra thumbed through her text messages, absentmindedly sipping her coffee as she made her way through Central Park. These Sunday walks always helped clear the chaos in her head. A few people passed her on the paved path and a familiar thought zoomed to the front of her mind. Her fingers crushed the phone in her hand. Five years had passed since half the world vanished because of an alien plot. New York used to be one of the most populous cities in the world, now it was a ghost town, Cassandra one of the ‘lucky’ few who hadn’t been erased. She didn’t feel lucky. Slipping her earbuds in, Cassandra moved off the path into a thicket of trees, pushing the familiar sorrow back into its locked box where she didn’t have to touch it. Suddenly, a gusty wind ripped through the trees violently whipping them around. A branch as thick as a tree trunk crashed down less than two feet in front of Cassandra. Fear pulsed through her blood as she lifted her gaze to the sky. Clouds parted, a pillar of light spiraling down to the ground. Cassandra dropped her coffee. A wave of energy blasted her off her feet. She crashed to the ground on her side as another gust slammed into her, pinning her in place. When the light cleared, a dark silhouette appeared through a thin layer of smoke less than a yard away. Pain throbbed in her hip as she slowly lifted herself up for a better look. The ghostly wind vanished as quickly as it had come. In a matter of seconds, the rest of the smoke dissipated, and Cassandra could see a man sprawled on the ground unmoving. No, not a man. An alien.Panic coursed through Cassandra. She scrambled across the grass toward her phone. Halfway through dialing 911 the man emitted a groan. Her fingers froze on the screen, her eyes shifting back to the unconscious alien. He wore strange clothing. A dark green overcoat studded with bronze armor at the shoulders. Beneath the coat, he wore a leather tunic with a high collar and matching leather pants tucked into knee-high boots. Despite herself, Cassandra crept closer. Her breath caught in her throat when her gaze landed on the alien’s face. Recognition thrummed through her. Years ago, footage of this man splashed across every television and newspaper across the U.S. when he brought an invading force from space to conqueror Earth. Loki the God of Mischief and Lies. After seven years he still looked the same, untouched by time. Well he would. Gods did not age.Deep cuts marred his long pale face, jagged red oozing lines. Blood trickled from a gash at his temple, matting his slick black hair to his skull. Cassandra’s mother was a nurse, so she mentally categorized the severity of his injuries. Most of the cuts needed stitches and the bruising was severe enough for her to worry about internal injuries. By rights, Cassandra should leave him here to suffer for the things he’d done, but the world had already lost too many lives. She scooted over to him, gingerly studying the wounds. Carefully, running her hands over his limbs, she checked for contusions. Loki groaned again when Cassandra accidently pressed a deep wound in his side. Fresh blood gushed out over the leather as she slid her hand away. Tearing a strip off the bottom of her t-shirt she cinched the cloth around his waist directly over the wound.A hand seized her wrist in a bruising hold, halting her ministrations. Sapphire eyes peered up at her full of fire. “Don’t touch me, mortal!”“You need help! I’m trying to stop the bleeding!” She gritted through the pain, the bones in her wrist threatening to snap beneath his vise-like grip.Loki released her, rising to his knees, his long lanky frame weaving as he tried to maintain his balance. Blood seeped through the makeshift bandage, spattering the grass. His eyes were cold as he looked at her. “I’m a god. There’s nothing you can offer me woman.”“Except First Aid, you stubborn ass.” Cassandra shot back. Why she argued with him she didn’t know. Maybe because his ridiculous stubbornness irritated her. The ground trembled violently beneath them. Cassandra pitched forward, her chin slamming into the god’s shoulder. They collapsed into the grass in a heap with her sprawled atop him. Loki snarled, shoving her off. “Get off me this instant!”“You son of a-” Cassandra broke off when the earth heaved again. Loki’s sneer disappeared as electricity charged the atmosphere. “What in Odin’s name is going on?” He demanded.“I have no idea.” She breathed, just as clueless.Startled cries filled the air, ripping Cassandra’s attention away from the injured god. Time seemed to slow and then reverse as people flickered into view all around them. Her jaw dropped as more and more people popped into existence. Hope swelled in her breast, threatening to break open a flood of emotion. They were coming back. Everyone was coming back.Utterly amazed, Cassandra could only watch events unfold around her. By the time she remembered Loki, she turned around to find him gone. The only proof of Loki’s existence, the blood drying on her hands.
A Sfw by alex-the-artist01

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