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for a child without guilt, which there is no more...
:heart: Hamid Abu Younis Dagka :heart:

posted on Reset Italia by Doriana Goracci

A Palestinian child, Hamid Younis Abu Dagka, 13,
was killed today during an Israeli raid near Farahin,
to the east of Khan Yunis in southern Gaza Strip.
The shots of the military have also caused some injuries.
With the aim of cutting down trees, eight Israeli armored vehicles,
including tanks and bulldozers, had already penetrated into Gaza this morning,
at the height of Khouzaa, always in southern Gaza, clashing with Palestinian fighters.
The shards of Israeli gunfire had wounded a 24-year old Palestinian close to Al Maghazi.
font: Nena News

Kufia, Singing for Palestine –  Al Aqsa Choir

Dream of white lilies
roads of singing
and a house of light
I want a good heart
and not a rifle...
I want a full day of sunshine
and not a moment
of a mad racist victory...
I want a full day of sunshine
and not tools of war...
Mine are not tears of fear
are tears for my land
I was born for the rising sun
not for what it sets...

Text taken from "O night let the prisoner ends his song" (anonymous)
and "I dream of white lilies" of Mahmud Darwish
Music Rocco De Rosa, Canio Loguercio, Rocco Petruzzi

Italian version
Canto per la Palestina
per un bambino senza colpa che non c’è più..
:heart: Hamid Younis Abu Dagka :heart:

pubblicato su Reset Italia di Doriana Goracci

Un bambino palestinese, Hamid Younis Abu Dagka, 13 anni,
è stato ucciso oggi durante un raid israeliano nei pressi di Farahin,
ad Est di Khan Yunis, nel sud della Striscia di Gaza.
Gli spari dei militari hanno provocato anche alcuni feriti.
Con l’intento di abbattere alberi, otto mezzi corazzati israeliani, tra tanks e bulldozer,
erano già  penetrati questa mattina all’interno di Gaza, all’altezza di Khouzaa,
sempre nel sud di Gaza, scontrandosi con combattenti palestinesi.
Le schegge di una cannonata israeliana avevano ferito un palestinese 24en


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Free Palestine, dismantle the criminal Israhell state.
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OMG this needs to go on Twitter to go viral . I am so sorry :/
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Such a sad time for the family. Life is so hard in Gaza....