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Naruto boys as school girls

By suppai
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I should probably be shot for drawing this, but I've seen lots of drawings of Sasuke in a skirt so I thought why not all of them? haha!
This was really three seprate drawings I had a lot of fun with this in photoshop but after coloring it I couldn't think of a good bg and I'm lazy. umm as you can tell some of them look good as girls and others just look wrong! I mean just look at Gaara he looks so stupid. well I tried... I'm gonna have to make up for this to all the Gaara fans.
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Kankuro and Shino look scary
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i like this photo
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that pormably how shikamaruo hair would look it was down
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OMG you made this?! I always loved this picture and just figured out its your's! :D
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I love Chouji!!!
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i loooooovvvveeee shikamaru :)
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woah goth gaara is right! shino is the ugly gril D'X kankuro has lots of make-up and naruto is the top bitch. sasuke looks like a shy girl.
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CUTE!!!! Shino's hair lol sasuke!!! >_<
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wow, this is epic!!! and if i went to a school like that, i would have the same face shika is making.... well, guess i do make that face at school but still..
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Neji look reeaally pretty.
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If I was Hinata, I'd feel even more insecure because I had a cousin who was not only better than me at juken, but prettier than me as well.
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Sasuke looks like he's going to get raped! But Shino kinda creeps me out...
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so cute! neji looks good! haha kankuro with his make up and dolls...
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kiba neji shika and kankuro are EPIC!
LOVE IT LOVE IT!!!!!! Hilarious that neji doesn't look a bit different than he is in his male form. I LOVE Naruto, he looks the most beautiful and I LOVE his high heel boots. Must be pretty popular with the "boys." LOL!
Look at Shino! xD A white woman trying out a black womans style. Original and creative!
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neji makes one sexy girl
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Sorry i was not finshed with that last comment but i think that your next project should be the Akatsuki like this or the male teachers like this.
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