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Big Daddy Dolly Triplets


These little guys have found new homes to go too. Congratulations to the lucky successful bidders, take care of these pint size protectors.

What they are made of?


Head: Baseball, home-made thumbtacks, made from nails and strange circle things, I have no idea what there called I found them in a hardware store and sparkly red nail polish.

Torso: I made the torso from balsa wood, i had to sand it down a bit from a block, rubber bands and safety pins.

Backpack: An old Film canister, with a nail through a bottle cap, the bottle cap has also been painted with a "bunny image"

Legs: Red and white striped fabric stuffed with cotton.

Arms: Rope, large wooden bead for the hand, a thimble and a thin steel rod, which I twisted myself to get that shape.

And the finally was that i covered it in dirt, and applied like a spray on glue... to give it a bit of texture, making it look a bit old... the baseballs we're brand new, it was pure white before I attacked it, mwhaha...
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TehKukiiMonstar's avatar
Ah well like everyone else, I'm interested to know if you'll be making more.
Because I sort of need one.

Yes "need".
Long story.

But I'd be willing to buy one.
If you told me the price of one of these dolls would be near 200, I'd probably still consider buying one.
So please, if you didn't plan on making any more of these,
consider making at least one more?
Phantomness-2005's avatar
Do you intend to make any more?
supman098's avatar
sorry, unfortunately not.
Ama-no-Gawa's avatar
will you be making more?
i want one sooo badly O_O
supman098's avatar
unfortunately i wont be making any more
Ama-no-Gawa's avatar
badday97's avatar
cool im tying to make one(not working.). your really talented
supman098's avatar
thanks haha, and good luck.
VF2's avatar
Will you be making any more?
supman098's avatar
nope sorry, those 3 are the only ones i'm going to make.
sfritts10's avatar
love em! but im long does it take for you to make one?
supman098's avatar
gathering the supplies takes the longest, took me a week or two to gather them all up, i'd say about 6 hours to make each one... it would be quicker if i could find a pre-made "torso" instead of making it from scratch.
sfritts10's avatar
hm.....sounds quick compared to what i had in mind :)

i want one now! lol
supman098's avatar
feel free to place a bid then :P heres the link to where im selling

sfritts10's avatar
sry, i dont do ebay :(

BUT i think i might try to make one, and see if ours can be cousins lol
Rivertea's avatar
Potato bodies? lol
supman098's avatar
haha not quite.. balsa wood
Rivertea's avatar
supman098's avatar
if you feel like having a crack for the dolls heres the link to where you can get them

scribblecloud's avatar
supman098's avatar
Nice to hear... i've finally got things organized, here's the link to where i'm selling them


Best of luck
supman098's avatar
haha good to hear, heres the link to the dolls

TheQueenofSomething's avatar
daww look at dem' chill'n!

they're like kittens, you wanna buy em all so they don't get separated and cry when taken out of teh box.
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