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Big Daddy Dolly

I was bored one day, so i created the big daddy doll, from the Bioshock 2 trailer.
I did my best to recreate it from the footage from the trailer, hope you guys like :)


Head: Baseball, nails, strange circle things, i have no idea what there called i found them in a hardware store.

Torso: Balsa wood, i made the torso from balsa wood, i had to sand it down a bit from a block. From the trailer i couldn't tell what the hell the body was made off, i thought it was a "plastic dolls body" but it looked a bit weird. Also there's some rubber bands and paper clips.

Backpack: An old Film canister, with a nail through a bottle cap, the bottle cap has also been painted with a "bunny image" i've uploaded another photo so you can see it.

Legs: I'm pretty sure, the legs are based on a "raggedy anne" doll, i thought about looking for one in op-shops and then ripping the legs of it. But i just went and got some fabric and made the legs my self.

Arms: Thin rope, large wooden beads for the hands, a thumbtack and a thin steel rod, which i twisted myself to get that shape. The drill piece might be a wine bottle opener but, i couldn't find any bottle openers with that length or shape.

And finally it was covered it in dirt, and i applied like a spray on glue... to give it a bit of texture, making it look a bit old... that baseball i bought brand new, it was pure white before i attacked it.

((Sorry, but i will not be making anymore dolls.))
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Corvitine's avatar
This is so cute! I'm definately going to have to try and make one myself! TwT Great job on this! :D
Ma3str0-D3tonad0r's avatar
Uhm... how did you fixed everything to the torso?
Glue, nails? A different one for every part?
CrazySOB42's avatar
CrazySOB42's avatar
What's the torso made out of? :O
The-mudafacking-BeaR's avatar
you should make a youtube tutorial on one of those
fossil-fighter's avatar
isint this an alrernate costume i all stars battle royal from the s3 version
TheRoseThief's avatar
This looks really cool...I've been looking for a good version of this doll everywhere...i wanna attempt my own, but it ok if I replicate this one?
supman098's avatar
Thanks. Yep, go for it! I've even provided the materials on how I made it. Hope it helps.
DDsweetie's avatar
omg i want it!!! its so cute!!!!
HighRollerHydra's avatar
Nice. That doll is going to be an alternate costume for Big Daddy in PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale. He looks rather silly fighting with a corkscrew instead of a drill, but hey, fun is fun.
Aisheyru-Fox's avatar
I want a big daddy doll. Might try to make one myself. That would be cool. Good job on this one, it looks just like the one in the game. :D
supman098's avatar
Thanks, good luck making one.
ApplesforAnna's avatar
Thanks for all the tips, i'm going to make this for my big brother for his birthday!
monkeymenace's avatar
Very nice. but know that leaves me with only two versions to make.....desicions decisions
LovelySpecter's avatar
This is amazing! :D
AnonymousNavi's avatar
I want one and I would carry it everywhere. Always.
mangArtist10's avatar
Omg I want one too xp
WarriorNun's avatar
OMG! I have one of those! :D
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