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the life of the party

and boy can he entertain a crowd
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Very sweet entertaining animation🍬
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aww thats so cuteeeeeeeeeeeee
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dude this gives me nostalgia.... the way u made it move and the way the glasses look....... im uwuing i love this so HECKIN much
xXJunktasticXx's avatar
He reminds me of my budgie Kiwi. ^w^
Really cute!
AmazingArtsAA's avatar
Aww soo cute! He kinda looks like the party slime from slime rancher!💖❤️💜😍
snake-wing's avatar
this is adorable !!
I love the way you draw birds ;w;
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He reminds me of my own parrot 🐦 So fluffy!
p-ond's avatar
Unbelievably cute
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Aww! Cute little fellow!
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my friend here,,,supi,,,is the BEST bord drawer of the entire universe
look at that feaTHERS,,,, that lil beak,.,,,perfection in borb form
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Faved! I need this party bird in my life every day
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aa this is so cute!!
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im crying why is this so mccute.... I love you and your art man.
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I think I could see this all day
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he deserves them zzz
but gosh supi this looks so CUTE <3
Umbaeon's avatar
This is so heckin cute omg ;;w;;
Vaniije's avatar
oh my gosh !! This is hella adorable !! ;0;
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This is so cool!!
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Supichu, sooo cute and nice.
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i love this thank u
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he reminds me of me
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